Monday, April 08, 2019

Aberdeenshire Coastal Links Pairs Championship 2019 

Day 2 Fraserburgh GC 

Start Sheet

Tuesday 9th April Yellow Tees , Fraserburgh GC Course

10:00Chris Whitmore (14) and Ian Andrews (15)Ben Kay (14) and Chris Hart (15)
10:10Matthias Berz (10) and  Thomas Hoess (12)Phil Olds (8) and Andrew Christie (13)
10:20Jamie Bennett (5) and  Glen Guilor (21)Andrew Greetham (4) and Donald Robertson (15)
10:30Andrew Tyler (18) and Colin Barnard (18)Graham Marshall (12) and Tony Curtis (17)
10:40Euan London (12) and Malcolm Hayman (21)Michael Archbold (11) and Mark Lambert (13)
10:50Lee Tattum (5) and  Andrew David Povah (11)Chris Maddison (5) and Chris Edelsten (12)
11:00Mahesh Mani (9) and Simon Sandham (16)Tiku Patel (8) and Jonathan Hedges (11)
11:10David Dixon (11) and Steve Robinson (13)Jonathan Mark Limb (5) and Thomas Hillary (19)
11:20Tony Ward (8) and   Leigh Turbill (12)Martin Sheridan (12) and Gerald Hubbuck (13)



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