Dear Members and Association of Golf Writers friends,

It is very sad to report the passing of our friend and colleague, Keith Mackie.
I received the following email from Keith's son, Ryan:-
I'm sorry to be writing with some very sad news.
Keith passed away late on Wednesday night. He was keen to be at home which we were able to arrange, and he was surrounded by his loving family. He was comfortable and calm and not in any pain.
His condition deteriorated very quickly over the last few weeks and days. We all miss him so much.

He was so proud to be a member of the AGW and I know he was very touched by the presentation to mark his 50 years as a member, as well as the hamper more recently.  I would be grateful if you were able to share this sad news amongst your members.
If you need any more information, you can email Dad's address or mine is cc'd above. 

The funeral will be next Thursday, February 14, in St.Andrews at Holy Trinity church at 1.15pm.
Keith was one of the Association's longest-serving members, having joined in 1963.
He was born into a golfing family in St. Andrews and was the son of a golfing professional.
Keith was a former editor of Golf World and was the author of a number of golf-related books.
If any member would like to contact his son, Ryan you can via email:- or at Keith's email address -

Bernie McGuire,
Secretary of AGW