Saturday, February 02, 2019

 Tommy Fleetwood would let kids play golf in tracksuits and trainers

Tommy Fleetwood wants to make golf “cool” and see his kids play the sport in tracksuits and trainers.
The biggest changes in the game for 40 years came into force on New Year's Day, with a bid to speed up play and simplify the rules.
But Ryder Cup hero Fleetwood has already helped revolutionise the image of golf with his rock-star looks and appeal – and he ­celebrated Europe’s spectacular win over the Americans by crowd-surfing in Paris.
The Everton fan, who became a father to Frankie last year, said: “It is not a cliche to say golf is for the well-off. It is the reality. But the old system which used to make it elite is fading away.
“With more people playing, the price is going down. It still remains an expensive sport but a new wind is blowing through golf and it is great for this sport.
“If I can contribute a bit to this evolution, I will be delighted.
“I don’t need to do a lot. I don’t have the look of a golfer. Do I look like a rock star? I didn’t make it playing guitar so I started playing golf!
“Seriously, as a father, I want golf to be cool for my children. Easy to access. If they want to play in tracksuits and trainers, why not?”
The world No.12, who won the Race to Dubai last year and finished second at the US Open in June, comes from a working-class background on Merseyside. And he revealed he used to suffer disapproving looks on his arrival at the clubhouse.
“It is a fact,” said Fleetwood. “There is an etiquette where, in a load of clubs, you have to wear a suit. I have never liked having to dress like this, I have always liked to feel comfortable. Golf has been the sport of the social elite, with lawyers and doctors.
“But I have never been embarrassed by the looks I’ve been given by others. I have sometimes been looked at with condescension and it still happens now, but I know how to deal with it – I know whose opinions count.
The Southport star added: “Golf is self-centred but my motivation is not about myself. It comes from people who count in my eyes. This sport is my ­passion but if I had never played it, I would be just as happy to work in a hotel or on the roads, like my father. I am not materialist.
“It is not money or big cars or beautiful houses that motivate me. My happiness does not come from that. For me, what is most valuable is family and friendship.”


1. No penalty if you accidentally move your ball or marker on the green, or if you are looking for a lost ball. Just replace the ball and carry on.
2. Player can now repair spike marks on the green.
3. Three minutes to search for a lost ball (not five).
4. Drop a ball back into play from knee height not shoulder height.
5. You can remove loose impediments from a bunker.



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