Monday, January 28, 2019

Off to Laos in the Far East for a fortnight and its Editor is off very early Tuesday for a fortnight the Far East to Laos (don't pronounce the "s" and make it rhyme with Cow) to be precise and to be even more accurate, Vientiane which is its capital city. Flying Aberdeen-Paris-Hanoi-Vientiane and it will take a day and a half to get there!
Paris to Hanoi is the boring long haul even though we are travelling business-class by KLM. Visiting son Keith and Laos wife and youngster Iona.

Keith tells me it is a lot warmer at Vientiane than it is in snow-covered Aberdeen at the moment. It had better be!

So my next update will be from a landlocked country which has only three golf courses, no postal service and a "closed" currency that does not include any coins. I have yet to see a golf course over there and this is my fourth trip to Vientiane so don't expect golf news unless I pick it up from somewhere else in the world.



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