A golfer with a rugby mentality
Where did that previous outburst come from? As I have said before my 'problems' with golf stemmed from the fact that I'm a golfer with a rugby mentality who is currently reading a book 'The Jersey' about the All Blacks' winning mentality, written by Peter Bills.
I reckon deep down I'm a NZ Maori by temperament. Not that's big a surprise because I was given an 'Honorary Maori Chieftainship' and the name, Te Hoki, in 2014 - of which, I am very proud.
The attitude that winning is not so much 'the thing' as the only 'thing' applies. Winning is where the most fun resides. Nothing else comes near and I'm aiming for at least one more win in 2019. The joy is in the trying; the fun is in the winning. Joy lasts forever; fun is transitory. To be fair, I had two big wins in 2018. 125-years of Golf at Ballybunion and A History of Women's Golf in Ireland but, as good as those 'achievements' were I want to be a player (still)

  • Andy Kavanagh Form is temporary. Class is permanent. Stay classy Ivan. (As you always are).