Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Fraser Robertson wins Midland Alliance meeting with a 65 at Crail
This week the Midland Golfers’ Alliance held the Ian Cooke Catering team competition at Crail Golfing Society, playing over Balcomie Links.
Leading scratch score was returned by Fraser Robertson, a Kingsbarns assistant pro,  with a great score  of 4 under par for a 65.
 In the handicap section Jim Crawford (Dunblane New)  (8) led the way with a net 63. In the team Competition Gary Tough (Edzell) (+1), Tom McLevy (Blairgowrie) (1) and Harry Grant (Muckhart) (9) won with a score of 51.
Leading Scratch Scores
65                 Fraser Robertson                 AP, Kingsbarns
66                 Gary Tough                            Edzell, +1
                     Rory Tinker                            AP, Piperdam Osprey
68                 Ron Walker                            P, Lundin
                     Steve Craig                             P, Archerfield Links
                     Ian Murray                             Leven Thistle, 2
                     Jordan Brown                        AP, Drumoig Golf Centre
69                 Tom McLevy                          Blairgowrie, 1
                     Gary Smith                             Arbroath, 5
70                 Bill Taylor                                Edzell, 1
                     Kevin Lawlor                          Crail GS, 6
                     Steven Meiklejohn             Lundin, 2
Leading Handicap Scores
63                 Jim Crawford                        Dunblane New, 8
64                 Kevin Lawlor                         Crail GS, 6
                      Gary Smith                            Arbroath, 5
65                 Gordon Stevens                  Edzell, 6
                      Chris Westland                    Alloa, 10
66                 Stuart Baker                         Crail, 6
                      Derek Sim                              Panmure, 6
                      Alan Thomson                     Dunfermline, 8
                      Ian Murray                            Leven Thistle, 2
67                 Gary Tough                           Edzell, +1
                      John Black                              Scotscraig, 4
                      Nicholas Yates                     Edzell, 11
                      Harry Grant                           Muckhart, 9
                      Don West                              Burntisland Golf House, 5
Leading Team Scores
51                 Gary Tough                           Edzell, +1
                      Tom McLevy                         Blairgowrie, 1
                      Harry Grant                           Muckhart, 9
54                 Bill Taylor                               Edzell, 1
                      Gordon Stevens                  Edzell, 6
                      Nicholas Yates                     Edzell, 11
                      Andrew Crichton                Muckhart, 14
55 bih          Ronald Cargill                       Arbroath,10
                      Ewan Rae                               Arbroath, 5
                      Rory Tinker                           AP, Piperdam Osprey
                      Alan Thomson                     Dunfermline, 8
Next Meeting
Scott Arbuthnott Team Competition
Thursday 24th January
Arbroath Links
8.30 – 12.30
Lee Sutherland



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