Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gordon Hay wins North Scottish Alliance with a 69 at Nairn Dunbar winter  course

Gordon Hay (Boat of Garten) headed a field of 82 competitors at the final North Scottish Golfers' Alliance  fixture of the year with a one-over-par 69 over  Nairn Dunbar's winter course.
The next fixture is on January 26 at Spey Bay.
69 G H Hay (Boat of Garten)
70 B J Thomson (Inverness)
71 D Grindell (Inverness) p, K Godsman (Moray), J Shaw (Boat of Garten)
72 D Pitchforth (Nairn Dunbar), J Wright (Forres), D Joel (Inverness), G Murray (Moray), S Wilson (Inverness), B Rennie (Inverness)
73 J A Grant (Grantown on Spey)
74 R Harrower (Boat of Garten) p, R Stewart (Nairn Dunbar), M C Reid (Hopeman), D Hector (Elgin), A Hutchison (Inverness)
75 R H Stewart (Torvean)
76 B Gray (Inverness), A Henry (Inverness), N McPhie (Inverness)
77 M McDonald (Boat of Garten)
78 P Masson (Moray), G S Macdonald (Boat of Garten), I Murray (Boat of Garten), S Mullen (Elgin), P Fallen (Nairn Dunbar)
79 S Chisholm (Torvean), A Macintosh (Torvean)
80 S Dingwall (Grantown on Spey), I Mackenzie (Hopeman), A Mackinnon (Inverness)
81 R Copland (Moray), D Johnston (Moray), D McGrouther (Inverness)
82 D Gordon (Inverness), G Hamilton (Moray), J P Westwood (Nairn Dunbar), I Macaulay (Moray), K Barnett (Torvean), A Casey (Moray), R Mackie (Moray), I Hamilton (Elgin)
83 W B Johnston (Moray), G McKenzie (Moray), W Hutchison (Inverness), J Gardiner (Moray), J Williamson (Grantown on Spey)

Class 1 (seven and under)
68 S Wilson (Inverness) (4), A Hutchison (Inverness) (6)
69 R Stewart (Nairn Dunbar) (5), M C Reid (Hopeman) (5)
70 D Hector (Elgin) (4), J A Grant (Grantown on Spey) (3), M C Reid (Hopeman) (4).

Class 2 (eight to 18)
63 B Rennie (Inverness) (9)
69 P Fallen (Nairn Dunbar) (9)
70 P Masson (Moray) (8)
71 M Holroyd (Boat of Garten) (12)
72 A Mackinnon (Inverness) (8), A Casey (Moray) (10), R Mackie (Moray) (10), W B Johnston (Moray) (11), P Haywood (Boat of Garten) (13), A Jackson (Moray) (14), I Hamilton (Elgin) (10) 



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