Tuesday, October 16, 2018

M and H Logistics Scottish PGA Championship scoreboard

1Scotland Greig Hutcheon
  Paul Lawrie Golf Centre
-6F-86864  132
2Scotland Greg McBain
  Newmachar Golf Club
-3F-76667  133
3Scotland Paul O'Hara
  North Lanarkshire Leisure
-4F-66866  134
4Scotland Paul McKechnie
  Braid Hills Golf Range
-2F-56768  135
T5Scotland Christopher Currie
  Erskine Golf Club
-1F-46769  136
T5Scotland Thomas Higson
   Gleneagles Hotel
-3F-46967  136
T5Scotland Neil Fenwick
  Dunbar Golf Club
-1F-46769  136
T5Scotland Jamie McLeary-1F-46769  136
T9Scotland Michael Patterson
  Williamwood Golf Club
-3F-27167  138
T9Scotland Chris Kelly
  Scotland for Golf
+6F-26276  138
T11Scotland Gavin Hay
  Mearns Castle Golf Academy
-2F-17168  139
T11Scotland Andrew Oldcorn
  Kings Acre Golf Course
EF-16970  139
T11Scotland Graham Fox
  Clydeway Golf
+1F-16871  139
T14Scotland Zack Saltman-1FE7169  140
T14Scotland Alastair Forsyth
  Mearns Castle Golf Academy
-2FE7268  140
T14Scotland Stephen Gray
  Lanark Golf Club
+1FE6971  140
T17Scotland Greg Paxton
  Ralston Golf Club
-1F+17269  141
T17Scotland Craig Lee
  Craig Lee Golf Studio
+1F+17071  141
T17Scotland Cameron Farrell
  Cardross Golf Club
+1F+17071  141
T17Scotland Steven O'Hara
  North Lanarkshire Leisure
EF+17170  141
T21Scotland James McGhee
  Swanston Golf Club
+4F+26874  142
T21Scotland Craig Ronald
  Carluke Golf Club
EF+27270  142
T21Scotland Graeme McDougall
  Elie Links
-4F+27666  142
T21Scotland Kris Nicol
  Dunes Golf Centre
EF+27270  142
T21Wales Gareth Wright
  West Linton Golf Club
EF+27270  142
T26Scotland Fraser McKenna
  Caldwell Golf Club
+4F+36974  143
T26Scotland James Steven
  Pumpherston Golf Club
EF+37370  143
T26Scotland Marc Owenson
  Gullane Golf Club
+2F+37172  143
T26Scotland Graeme Brown
  Montrose Golf Links.
+3F+37073  143
T30Scotland Ross Munro
  Duddingston Golf Club
-1F+47569  144
T30Scotland Rory Tinker
  Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort
+1F+47371  144
T30Scotland Ross Cameron+2F+47272  144
MCScotland Stuart Kerr
  Strathaven Golf Club
+1F+57471  145
MCScotland Robert Arnott
  Bishopbriggs Golf Range
-2F+57768  145
MCScotland Graham Forbes
  Mearns Castle Golf Academy
+4F+57174  145
MCScotland Stewart Savage
  Dalmuir Golf Club
+3F+67373  146
MCScotland Shaun McAllister
  Bruntsfield Links Golf Society
+6F+67076  146
MCScotland Scott Henderson
  Kings Links Golf Centre
+6F+67076  146
MCScotland Ross McConnachie
  Peterculter Golf Club
+4F+67274  146
MCScotland Cameron Marr
  Musselburgh Golf Club
+1F+77671  147
MCSouth Africa Gareth Hardy
  Prestwick St Nicholas G.C.
+2F+77572  147
MCEngland Samuel Binning+4F+87474  148
MCEngland Andrew Jowett
  The Gleneagles Hotel
+3F+97673  149
MCScotland Gordon Hillson
  Winterfield Golf Club
+3F+97673  149
MCScotland Christopher Curran
  Bathgate Golf Club
+6F+97376  149
MCScotland Scott Gillies
  North Berwick Golf Club
+6F+107476  150
MCScotland Myles Cunningham
  Gullane Golf Club
+4F+107674  150
MCScotland Stuart Morrison
  Tain Golf Club
+4F+117774  151
MCScotland Daniel Wood
  Hirsel Golf Club
+4F+117774  151
MCScotland Iain Stoddart
  Deer Park Golf and Country Club
+10F+117180  151
MCScotland Iain Colquhoun
  Loch Lomond Golf Club
+5F+127775  152
MCScotland Stuart Houlden
  East Kilbride Golf Club
+7F+127577  152
MCScotland Ian Graham
  Crow Wood Golf Club
+9F+127379  152
MCScotland Sean Burgess
  Nairn Golf Club
+8F+127478  152
MCScotland Andrew Crerar
  Panmure Golf Club
+6F+127676  152
MCScotland Alan Welsh
  Cathkin Braes Golf Club
+8F+137578  153
MCScotland Christopher McMaster
  Downfield Golf Club
+9F+137479  153
MCScotland Michael McAllan
  Elgin Golf Club
+8F+137578  153
MCScotland Ross Leeds
  Archerfield Links
+4F+148074  154
MCScotland Kamran Zeynalov
  Portlethen Golf Club
+7F+147777  154
MCScotland Norman Huguet
  Musselburgh Golf Club
+9F+147579  154
MCScotland Gary McFarlane
  Clober Golf Club
+6F+147876  154
MCScotland Jason McCreadie
  Largs Golf Club
+10F+157580  155
MCScotland Andrew McHardy
  Noah's Ark Golf Centre
+7F+188177  158
MCScotland Craig Armstrong
  Burntisland Golf Club
+10F+187880  158
MCScotland James Dick
  Duddingston Golf Club
+10F+208080  160
WDScotland Chris Doak
  Renaissance Club
WDScotland Nicholas Gardiner
  Cawder Golf Club



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