Monday, September 03, 2018

Renfrewshire win Commonwealth Spoons by nine strokes at Stirling

Renfrewshire's Carol McNally and Alyson McGinnigle won the Commonwealth Spoons competition at Stirling Golf Club today by the very comfortable margin of nine strokes with a total of 69.5
Perth and Kinross 2 (Jillian Milne and Gwen Tate) and Dunbartonshire and Argyll 2 (Ronalda Agnew and Ann Shanks) tied for second place on 78.5 in a field of 45 pairs.

69.5 Renfrewshire 1: Carol McNally, Alyson McGinnigle.

78.5 Perth and Kinross 2: Jillian Milne, Gwen Tate; Dunbartonshire and Argyll 2: Ronalda Agnew, Ann Shanks.

79.0 Dunbartonshire and Argyll 1: Mandy Allan, Laura Robinson.

79.5 Aberdeen 2: Stella Black, Katherine Teow.

80.5 Midlothians 1: Sal Shepherd, Claire Barnish.

81.0 Dunbartonshire and Argyll 3: Marion Mason, Davina Lavery

82.0 Perth and Kinross 1: Alison Stockley, Laura Walker

82.5 Aberdeen 2Yvonne Muir, Carol Whicher.

83.5 Ayrshire 1: Helen Craig, Irene Papworth; Galloway 1: Teresa Ho, Vanessa Ho; Renfrewshire 4: Marilyn Muir, Muriel Young; Midlothian 7: Hilary Scott, Margaret Parr.

84.0: Midlothian 4: Anne McGill, Fiona Ford

84.5 Stirling and Clackmannan 2: Margaret Tough, Lindsey Wilson.

85.0 Angus 1: Angela Crabb, Deirdre Moffat; East Lothian 2: Jane Nelson, Barbara Wallace.

85.5 Renfrewshire 3: Elizabeth Stewart, Donna Jackson; Fife 2: Ruth Kinnell, Kathleen McConnell.

86.0 Midlothian 2: Claire Cunningham, Mary Stewart; Renfrewshire 2: Merope Dunlop, Maureen Taggart; Borders 1: Sheila Cuthbertson, Lilian Smith

86.5 Lanarkshire 1: Etta Buchanan, Lynn Porter

87.5 Ayrshire 2: Sheena Spence, Tricia Moss.

88.0 Borders 2: Karen McKinlay, Mandy Lunn; Midlothian 8: Hilary Anderson, Fiona Tyrell.

88.5 Midlothian 6: Linda Lindsay, Mary Nicol; Fife 1: Mary Davenport, June Tucker.

89.0 East Lothian 1: Sheila Herschell, Carolyn Gemmell; East Lothian 4: Karen Probin, Gillian Whittaker; Angus 2: Margaret Brown, Alice Leiper

89.5 Aberdeen 3: Beverley Pirie, Joyce Alexander.

90.0 East  Lothian 3: Hazel Saunders, Catriona Smith; Lanarkshire 2: Anne A M Cameron, Etta Buchanan; Midlothian 5: Vivien Curran, Hazel Carpenter.

91.0 Midlothian 3: Barbara McQuillan Elsa B Todd.

92.0 Perth and Kinross 3: Irene Higgins, Nan Morrison.

93.0 Fife 3: Ann Shepherd, Linda Watson.

93.5 Aberdeen 4: Tricia Halliwell, S Russell.

96.5 Stirling and Clackmannan 1: Helen Ferry, Ann McSorley.

100.0 Northern Counties 1: Avril Hislop, Valerie McMurdo.

101.0 Dumfriesshire: Margaret Morrin, M Hamilton.

103.0 Northern Counties 2: Eleanor Munro, Sheila Cobban.

Retired: Galloway 2, Dunbartonshire and Argyll 4.



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