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Great day for second teams at Northern Counties Cup
It was a great day for second teams at the Northern Counties Cup men's double foursomes knock-out tournament at Royal Aberdeen Golf club today - and also for Royal Aberdeen 2's Steven Buchan (pictured) who had a hole in one with a pitching wedge at the short eighth in the tie against Fraserburgh.
Holders Moray 1  comfortably won against Banchory 2 by 10 holes, but more surprisingly their second team beat a strong Inverness team by four holes.  

Newmachar 2, Cruden Bay 2, Royal Aberdeen 2, all beat first teams and to top it all, Steven Buchan from Royal Aberdeen 2 had a hole in one at the eighth against Fraserburgh.
Another shock today was the one-hole defeat of last year’s finalists, Murcar Links, by Tain. Tain’s first pairing of Munro Ferris and Sean Kennedy won by five holes against Neil Sadler and Doug Elrick while Gary Urquhart and Alan Everett lost to Murcar Links@ Ryan Sharp and Adrian Styles by four holes.
Driving rain and wind  made it very difficult for the players in the morning but, with the course being in wonderful condition, it held up really well.

Orkney 1 bt Nigg Bay by 2 holes
P Kemp, B Reeve 2, L O’Conner, R Forbes 0; A Bonner, P McKinlay 0, G Grimmer, T Ogston 0.
Turriff bt Wick 2 by 9 holes
S Clarihew, R Clarihew 9, A Mackay, G Davidson 0; I Ross, N Smith 0, C Taylor, A Forbes 0.
Peterhead 1 bt Newmachar 1 by 3 holes
D Buchan, C Crawford 3, J Ross, M Rae 0; S Anderson, D Addison 0, C Simpson, M McKechnie 0.
McDonald Ellon bt Orkney 2 by 9 holes
A Dunton, C Pirie 3, E Donaldson, J McGregor 0; G Reid, R Yule 6, J Russell, C Harcus 0.
Newmachar 2 bt Royal Dornoch 1 by 9 holes
C Gauld, L Strath 9, C Mailey, L McLeod 0; A Chan, I Taylor 0, M Schinkel, B Urquhart 0.
Moray 1 bt Banchory 2 by 10 holes
S Tatters, M Macleman 5, D Brand, S Strachan 0; K. Godsman, G Murray 5, C Lindsay, B Milne 0.
Orkney 1 bt Royal Dornoch 2 by 3 holes
P Kemp, B Reeve 2, D Pearson, G Minton 0; A Bonner, P McKinlay 1, C Taylor, G Bethune 0.
Eriskay Whisky Galore bt Duff House Royal 2 by 16 holes
G Ross, R Stewart 8, J Sleigh, G Buchan 0; T Hinde, P Bannerman 8, N Campbell, R Lovie 0.
Wick 1 bt Turriff by 2 holes
D Thorburn, G Steven 0, S Clarihew, R Clarihew 3; A Larnoch, N Klimas 5, I Ross, N Smith 0.
Nairn bt Fortrose and Rosemarkie by 4 holes
A Burgess, F Asher 0, A Cameron, L Reid 0; F Fotheringham,R Bremner 4, M MacDonald, C Gaittens 0.
Forres bt Peterhead 1 at 19th
J Wright, M Wilson 1, D Buchan, C Crawford 0, B Fotheringham, R McKerron 0, S Anderson, D Addison 1.
Royal Aberdeen 1 bt Peterhead 2 by 7 holes
M Halliday, D Macandrew 6, R Gordon, S Philips 0; N Macandrew, N Young 1, J Murray, I Taylor 0.
Cruden Bay 1 bt McDonald Ellon by 7 holes
C Gilbert, J Godward 6, A Dunton, C Pirie 0; J Booth, S Robertson 1, G Reid, R Yule 0.
Moray 2 bt Inverness by 4 holes
J Edwards, P McHardy 2, D Joel, J Forbes 0; N Stables, R Copland 2, K Mackay, J Keith 0.
Newmachar 2 bt Brora by 4 holes
C Gauld, L Strath 1, J Macbeath, R Cameron 0; A Chan, I Taylor 3, E Polson, C Stewart 0. 
Meldrum House bt Deeside by 2 holes
C McCombie, D Kinnear 0, J Hall, C Howe 0; D Morrison, S Reaper 2, J Roberson, S Ritchie 0.
Cruden Bay 2 bt Duff House Royal 1 at 19th
C Stephen, C Gray 0, L West, E Gray 2; D King, D Milne 2, P Gordon, C Matheson 0.

Banchory 1 bt Elgin by 7 holes
A Lindsay, L Smart 4, R Bremner, S Milne 0; J Harling, F Milne 3, D Hector, S Mullen 0.

Royal Aberdeen 2 bt Fraserburgh by 6 holes
D Sim, S Buchan 5, D Bond, D Henderson 1; I Middleton, D Purdie 1, F Milne, J Richie 0.

Muir of Ord bt Reay by 6 holes
J Whittet S Johnson 0, T Ross, E Munro 1; S Forbes, G Forsyth 7, R Munro, G Munro 0.

Tain bt Murcar Links by 1 hole
M Ferris, S Kennedy 5, N Sadler, D Elrick 0; G Urquhart, A Everett 0, R Sharp, A Styles 4.


8.00 Moray 1 v Orkney 1
8.15 Eriskay v Wick 1
8.30 Nairn v Forres
8.45 Royal Aberdeen 1 v Cruden Bay 1
9.00 Moray 2 v Newmachar 2
9.15 Meldrum House v Cruden Bay 2
9.30 Banchory 1 v Royal Aberdeen 2
9.45 Muir of Ord v Tain
12.45 Moray 1 or Orkney 1 v Eriskay or Wick 1
01.15 Nairn or Forres v Royal Aberdeen 1 or Cruden Bay 1
01.45 Moray 2 or Newmachar 2 v Meldrum House or Cruden Bay 2
02.15 Banchory 1 or Royal Aberdeen 2 v Muir of Ord or Tain
SEMI-FINALS @ 8.30 and 8.45
FINAL @ 1.30







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