Thursday, July 26, 2018

EuroPro Tour second-round scoreboard at Caversham Heath

1England Jordan Wrisdale
-7F *-126866 134
2Ireland Brendan McCarroll
  West Cliffs Golf Links
-4F *-116669 135
3Scotland Craig Lawrie
  Paul Lawrie Golf Centre
-5F *-96968 137
4England Christopher Evans
  Hatchford Brook Golf Club
-2F *-86771 138
T5Wales James Frazer
  Pennard Golf Club
-2F *-76871 139
T5England Joe Dean
  Hillsborough Golf Club
-6F *-77267 139
T5England Jack Yule
  King’s Lynn Golf Club
-3F *-76970 139
T5England Miles Collins
  Stoke by Nayland Golf Club
-6F *-77267 139
T5England Sam Forgan
  Stowmarket Golf Club/ ISEKI
-4F *-77069 139
T5England Nick McCarthy
  Moortown Golf Club
-2F *-76871 139
T5England Robbie Busher
-8F-77465 139
T5Wales Adam Runcie
  Abergele Golf Club
-4F-77069 139
T13England Liam Murray
  GNK Golf & The LM Club
-4F *-67169 140
T13England Tomasz Anderson
  Centurion Club
-3F *-67070 140
T13England Richard Mansell
  Beau Desert Golf Club
-6F *-67367 140
T16Isle Of Man Tom Gandy
  Rowany Golf Club
-3F *-57170 141
T16Ireland Stuart GrehanS. Grehan
-2F-57071 141
T16England James SimpsonJ. Simpson
  Whickham Golf Club
-3F *-57170 141
T16England Freddie PriceF. Price
  Elite Golf Academy/RBGC
-4F-57269 141
T16England James WalkerJ. Walker
  The Oaks Golf Club
-5F *-57368 141
T16England Max PenneyM. Penney
  Alderley Edge Golf Club
-2F *-57071 141
T22England James MawJ. Maw
  Rockliffe Hall
EF *-46973 142
T22England Marco PengeM. Penge
  Golf at Goodwood
-1F *-47072 142
T22England James WebberJ. Webber
  The Rayleigh Club
-4F *-47369 142
T22England Max SmithM. Smith
  Foxhills Club & Resort
-1F-47072 142
T22England Billy SpoonerB. Spooner
  Boston West Golf Club
-2F *-47171 142
T22Wales Gareth EvansG. Evans
  Wrexham Golf Club
-1F-47072 142
T22England Steve RobinsS. Robins
  Hull Golf Club
+1F-46874 142
T22Wales Owen EdwardsO. Edwards
  The Kendleshire
+4F *-46577 142
T22England Billy WatsonB. Watson
  North Hants Golf Club
-1F *-47072 142
T22England Jack SouthJ. South
  Hagley GC / Taymar Homes
EF *-46973 142
T32Wales Mark LaskeyM. Laskey
  Brocket Hall Golf Club/HLBS
-1F *-37172 143
T32Korea, Republic Of Hee Min ChangH. Chang
-1F *-37172 143
T32England Luke CornfordL. Cornford
  Cooden Beach Golf Club
-1F-37172 143
T32Finland Teemu BakkerT. Bakker
+1F-36974 143
T32England Haydn McCullenH. McCullen
  Delamere Forest
-3F-37370 143
T32England Andrew CheeseA. Cheese
  Sutton Coldfield Golf Club
-1F *-37172 143
T32India Rigel FernandesR. Fernandes
  The Els Club Dubai
-4F *-37469 143
T32England Will WhiteoakW. Whiteoak
  Shipley Golf Club
-4F-37469 143
T32Scotland Craig RossC. Ross
  Kirkhill Golf Club/ G4L
-2F *-37271 143
T32England Joe BriceJ. Brice
  Ashton Under Lyne Golf Club
+2F *-36875 143
T32Scotland Daniel YoungD. Young
  Kingsbarns Pro Academy
-1F *-37172 143
T32England Mark YoungM. Young
  Longridge Golf Club
+5F *-36578 143
T44England Jamie GibsonJ. Gibson
  UK Power Golf Academy
EF *-27173 144
T44England Scott FallonS. Fallon
  North Middlesex
-2F-27371 144
T44Northern Ireland John-Ross GalbraithJ. Galbraith
  Whitehead Golf Club
-2F-27371 144
T44England James WilkinsonJ. Wilkinson
  Penrith Golf & FootGolf / PBM
-2F *-27371 144
T44England Craig FarrellyC. Farrelly
-2F-27371 144
T44Wales Evan GriffithE. Griffith
  Conwy Golf Club
-1F *-27272 144
T44England Louis HirstL. Hirst
  Banstead Downs Golf Club
+1F *-27074 144
T44England Michael BullenM. Bullen
  Worthing Golf Club
-1F-27272 144



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