Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Aberdeen Senior Masters tee times, Meldrum House, Wednesday/Thursday

The Aberdeen Senior Masters for professionald and Class 1 amateurs aged 48 and over returns to Meldrum House Hotel golf course over the next three days - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
There will be a cut to the leading 50 and ties after 36 holes.
Total prizefund is £30,000 with a first prize of £5,000.
Competitors include former winners Tim Spence and Miguel Martin and Scots Kenny Hutton, Craig Ronald, Robbie Stewart, Scott Henderson, Andrew Oldcorn, Robert Arnott, Fraser Martin, Nick Robson and Stewart Savage.

1st Round Times - Wednesday, July 18
8.00am   -   Perry Parker, Andres Rosa
8.10am   -   Klasten Mark, Luis Carbonetti, Duncan Williamson
8.20am  -   Tenmark, Kenny Hutton, Jerome Pons
8.30am  -   Mark Spooner, Matt Briggs, Craig Ronald
8.40am  -   Glenn Joyner, Robbie Stewart, David Narveson
8.50am  -   Dan Olson, Karl Ableidinger, T R Jones

9.00am  -   Andrew George, Charles Haynes, Alan Ross
9.10am   -  Scott Henderson, Douglas Young, Russell Ord
9.20am  -   Ian Lyner, Philipps Corsaletti, Matt Mankin
9.30am  -  Gary Emerson, Andrew Oldcorn, Tim Thelen
9.40am  -  Robert Arnott, Laurie Turner, Brad Rollinson
9.50am  -  Mark Gemmell, Ian Roberts, John Balfanz

10.00am -  Nigel Sweet, Paul Streeter, Carl Suneson
10.10am  - Gary Rusnak, David McKenzie, Mauricio Molina
10.20am -  Tim Spence, Andrew Sherbourne, Gary Ross
10.30am -  Mark Wharton, Miguel Martin, Nick Robson
10.40am -  Jose Maria Carrasco, Jesus C G Lopez
10.50am -  Jon Cheetham, Pedro Lindhart, Michael Ure

11.00am -  Fraser Mann, Jimmy Murphy, Stephen McNally
11.10am -  Rodolfo Rodriquez, Gianluca Bolla, Guy Wall
11.20am -  Richard Backwell, Cesar Monasterio, Mark Ashworth
11.30am -  Stewart Savage, Lucien Tinkler, Richard Masters
11.40am -  Gordon Goldie, Barry Conser, Victor Casado
11.50am -  Dan Harms, Stewart Sherwood, Jose Manuel Carriles

12.00pm - Marcel Capaul, Nick Mitchell, Stuart Hill
12.10pm - Geoff King, Gary Cooper, Jamie Nougues
12.20pm - Fernandez, Sallat Jean Pierre, Rafel Gomez
12.30pm - Rob Jones, Mike Lang, Darren Pearce
Round 2 Tee Times - Thursday, July 19
8.00am  -  Pearce, Mitchell
8.10am  -  Rob Jones, Pierre
8.20am -  Goldie, Conser, Casado
8.30am -  Wharton, Martin, Robson
8.40am -  Carrasco, Caster Gomez, Lopez
8.50am -  Cheetham, Lindhart, Ure

9.00am -  Mann, Murphy, McNally
9.10am -  Rodriquez, Bolla, Wall
9.20am - Backwell, Monasterio, Ashworth
9.30am - Savage, Tinkler, Masters
9.40am - Parker, Lang, Williamson

9.50am - Fernandez, Rafel Gomez, Rosa
10.00am - King, Cooper, Nougues
10.10am -  Capaul,Carbonetti, Hill
10.20am - Harms, Sherwood, Carriles
10.30am - Joyner, Stewart, Narveson
10.40am - Spooner, Briggs, Ronald
10.50am - Tenmark, Hutton, Pons

11.00am -  George, Haynes, Alan Ross
11.10am -  Henderson, Young, Ord
11.20am - Lyner, Corsaletti, Mankin
11.30am - Emerson, Oldcorn, Thelen
11.40am - Arnott, Turner, Rollinson
11.50am - Olson, Ableidinger, T R Jones

12.00pm - Gemmell, Roberts, Balfanz
12.10pm -  Sweet, Streeter, Suneson
12.20pm - Rusnak, McKenzie, Molina
12.30pm - Spence, Sherbourne, Gary Ross

After completion of Round 2 there will be a cut of the Top 50 players and ties with Round 3 Tee Times score related with leaders going out last



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