Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Amateur Championship Wednesday match-play results

Picture: Jeff Wright (Forres) tees
off against fellow Scot Euan McIntosh in Round 2.

Venue: Royal Aberdeen GC


 I Eetu (Finland) bt R Williams (Peterborough Milton) 3 and 2.
M Oelfke (Germany) bt F Donaggio (Italy) 7 and 6.
P Foulquie (France) bt A Auboin (France) 2 holes.
C Consul (Germany) bt R Morrison (Royal Perth, Australia) 1 hole.
R Pereda (Mexico) bt C Barrow (Royal Lytham) 4 and 3.
D Ravetto (France) bt W Miles (USA) 1 hole.
J Paterson (St Andrews New) bt P Pineau (France) 1 hole.
M Montenegro (Argentina) bt T Kanaya (Japan) 4 and 3.
E Svard (Sweden) bt M Sanchez (Australia) 1 hole.
J Cope (Players Club) bt M O'Hagan (West Hill, England) at 20th
O Farrell (Evesham) bt A Mata (Spain) at 19th
T Forster (Elton Furze, England) bt F Lacroix (France) at 19th
L Euler (Germany) bt A Ortiz (Mexico) 4 and 3


Picture: Euan McIntosh (Turnhouse) tees off against Jeff Wright (Forres).

W Nienaber (South Africa) bt N Weiland (Sweden) 5 and 4.
P Cohen (Switzerland) bt Z L Stirn (Slovenia) 2 and 1.
T Sloman (Taunton and Pickeridge) bt J Morgan (Australia) 1 hole.
J Wright (Forres) bt E McIntosh (Turnhouse) 1 hole.
B Hutchinson (Howley Hall) bt J Li (Bath) 5 and 3.
R Lester (Hermitage) bt D Hague (Malton and Norton) 6 and 5.

M Mitchell (S Africa) bt B Ferguson (Australia) 2 holes.
J Rebula (S Africa) bt B McKenzie (Rowlands Castle) 2 and 1.

B Jones (Northants Co) bt M Saulez (S Africa) 2 holes.
T Vahlenkamp (Germany) bt S Done (Kenwick Park) 3 and 2.

M Waite (Filton, England) bt A Hermann (Germany) 6 and 4.
S Easton (Irvine) bt W Heffernan (Australia) 1 hole.

J Sugrue (Mallow, Ireland) bt K Michel (Australia) at 19th.
C Palsson (Sweden) bt A Flanagan (St George's Hill) 2 holes.

L Filippi (S Africa) bt S Mazzoli (Italy) 3 and 1.
N Therion (S Africa) bt L Shepherd (Rye) at 19th

M Jordan (Royal Liverpool) bt M Honkala (Finland) at 20th
C Purcell (Portmarnock) bt P R-T Torres (Spain) 2 and 1.

L Scalise (Italy) v A Blomme (Sweden)… extra holes

B Collyer (Australia) bt E Isometsa (Finland) 2 holes.

D Micheluzzi (Australia) bt M Oelfke (Germany) 2 and 1.
B Wagoner (USA) bt P Foulquie (France) 3 and 2

S Scott (Nairn) bt C Consul (Germany) 3 and 2
R Pereda (Mexico) bt S Meek (Canada) 2 and 1

R Dawson (Tramore) bt D Ravetto (France) 4 and 2

V Pastor (Spain) bt John Paterson (St Andrews New) 2 and 1

M Montenegro (Argentina) bt R Franssen (Inverness) 2 and 1.
E Svard (Sweden) bt H Hall (West Cornwall) at 20th.

W Lee (USA) bt J Cope (Players Club) 2 holes
J Murphy (Kinsale, Ireland) bt Oliver Farrell (Evesham) 4 and 2

T Forster (Elton Furze, England) bt D Hillier (NZ) 2 and 1.
V Hovland (Norway) bt L Euler (Germany) 5 and 4





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