Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Giant-killers Duff House Royal 2 KO'd by Cruden Bay in Senior Northern Counties Cup at Elgin
Defending champions Murcar Links beat Nairn Dunbar 2 by four holes to reach the quarter-finals of the Senior Northern Counties Cup men's double foursomes tournament in glorious weather and a course in great condition at Elgin Golf Club today.
Duff House Royal 2 had a great victory against Royal Dornoch 1 by 2 holes in the morning but could not sustain the good form and were beaten by Cruden Bay in the afternoon.

Elgin Golf Club
Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Elgin 2 by 11 holes
H Clunas, C Duffy 9, L Stewart, J Morrison 0; I Duncan, D Bunker 2, I Hamilton, G Paterson 0.

Duff House Royal 2 bt Royal Dornoch 1 by 2 holes
A Smith, A Cruickshank 2, D Pearson, D MacDougall 0; G Kelly, A Alexander 0, J Seater, K Fraser 0.

Cruden Bay bt Forres by 4 holes
J Cooper, G Reid 3, N Parsons, K Farquhar 0; S Hutcheon, D Milne 1, D Thorne, A More 0.

Murcar Links bt Nairn Dunbar 2 by 4 holes
A Fiddes, M Lornie 2, K Campbell, D Lamb 0; B Holbrook, B Smith 2, G Robbins, B Ford 0.

Deeside bt Brora by 4 holes
K Ingram, A Ross 0, C Tulloch, N Elliott 0; D Rennie, T McAllister 4, T Gill, A Sutherland 0.

Elgin 1 bt Nairn Dunbar 1 by 2 holes
B Milne, A McGregor 3, H Clunas, C Duffy 0; B Inch, J Porter 0, I Duncan, D Bunker 1.

Cruden Bay bt Duff House Royal 2 by 10 holes
J Cooper, G Reid 4, A Smith, A Cruickshank 0; S Hutcheon, D Milne 6, G Kelly, A Alexander 0.

Royal Aberdeen bt Boat of Garten by 2 holes
J Christie, J Johnston 2, J Grant, P Downs 0; N Forster, A Laird 0, G Bell, G Hay 0.

Duff House Royal 1 bt Eriskay Whisky Galore by 14 holes
I Angus, M Jenkins 6, E Morrison, E Donaldson 0; J Kennedy, D Clark 8, W Rusk, P Bannerman 0.

Nairn bt Royal Dornoch 2  by 12 holes
R Smith, P Saggers 7, P Lee, R Murray 0; W Morris, P Tomisson 5, H MacKay, I McAuley 0.

Inverness bt Moray by 7 holes
L Chanceller, P Sinclair 0, M MacLeman, W MacLeman 0; B Boardman, J MacAuley 7. J McPherson, J Young 0.



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