Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Midland Alliance team event at Burntisland Golf House Club

This week's Midland Golfers' Alliance competition, the Helen Sherry Team Invitational, at Burntisland Golf House Club, Fife, was won by Andy Black (Tulliallan) (14), Bennett Black (Dunfermline) (10), Tom Cooper (19th Hole) (10) and Bernard Harrower (Dunfermline) (13).
They had a combined scored of 79.3.
The event raised £600 for charity.

79.3        A. Black             (Tulliallan, 14)
      B. Black             (Dunfermline, 10)
      T. Cooper            (19th Hole, 10)
      B. Harrower       (Dunfermline, 13)
81.4        I. Jeen                  (St. Andrews New, 2)
              R. Smart               (guest, 4)
              B. Barclay            (Downfield, 5)
              S. Barker              (Crail GS, 5)
82          N. Dyce                (Strathmore, 2)
              L. Clark                 (guest, 3)
              J. Watt                  (Edzell, 3)
              G. McLuskey         (guest, 10)
82.9 bih  P. Wytrazek          (P, Burntisland)
              G. Muir                (Burntisland, 7)
              R. White              (Burntisland, 9)
              S. Brady               (guest, 5)
82.9       C. Armstrong     (AP, Burntisland)
              D. West                (Burntisland, 4)
              A. Maxwell         (Burntisland, 6)
              S. Maxwell          (guest, 11)
Nearest the pin @ 5th
               G. Christie           (guest, 10)
Nearest the pin in 2 @ 18th
               B. Main             (Lundin, 14)
               S. Meiklejohn    (Lundin, 2)
               G. Laing            (Lundin, 3)
                      J. Smith     (guest, scr)
Next meeting
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Midland Golfers Alliance Championship
Crail Golfing Society
Thursday, March 29



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