Wednesday, January 03, 2018

News from Big Johnson's Tour 2018: Tees off Friday @ Troon Darley

Our first event of the BJT Winter Series order of merit starts on Friday at Troon Darley. Full information below:

BJT Winter Series Order of Merit 2018

Event 1
Friday, January 5 - Troon Darley - £40 entry fee.
Tee times: 10.32 to 11.14am.

Event 2 
To be confirmed
Event 3
To be confirmed

Event 4 
Wednesday, March 14 - Western Gailes - £60 Entry ( £20 of which includes  breakfast and lunch) 
Tee times: 09.30-11am
Event 5 
Friday, March 23 - St Andrews Jubilee - £60 Entry (£20 of which includes  breakfast and  lunch)
Tee times: 10.15-11am

Event 6
Friday, March 30 - Prestwick St Nicholas - £60 Entry (£20 of which includes breakfast and lunch)

 £20 Tour joining fee which will go towards 1st, 2nd and 3rd Order of Merit prize winners. 

Each event will have its own prize money fund plus any sponsorship money , top 25% of each field will earn money with the winner receiving 40% total and broken down from there.
For example: 24 players x £40 = £960 - 25% of 24 players = top six players will receive prize money: 40% of £960 = £384

Top ten players from each event will be awarded order of merit points. 1st 100 points, 2nd 80 points, 3rd 70 points, down to 10 points for 10th place finish. 
The top three players on the Order of Merit after six events will earn prizes.
Should anyone wish to enter or require more information, or be interested in sponsoring the tour or an event,  please contact
Twitter and Facebook- bigjohnsonstour 

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