Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Walker and Mackenzie joint winners with 70s at Midland Alliance's Crail GS Balcomie Links fixture

This week the Midland Golfers' Alliance held the Anglers' Inn, Guildtown Team Competition at Crail Golfing Society, playing over Balcomie Links. 
In cold, windy conditions there was a tie for the first scratch prize between Lundin Golf Club professional Ron Walker and Edzell Golf Club assistant professional Mike Mackenzie, both scoring one-over -par 70. 
Tulliallan Golf Club member Andy Black, who plays off 14 of a handicap, won the handicap section with a net 67.
Mike Mackenzie led his team of Keith Bruce (Edzell) (2), Graham Milne (Aberdour) (5) and Andrew Hubble (Aberdour)  (6) to victory with a score of 56.
 PAR 69
71                 Mike Mackenzie (Edzell) ap.           
                     Ron Walker (Lundin) (p)
72                 John Baxter (Lundin)
                     Bill Taylor  (Edzell)                              
73                 Bob Stewart (Tulliallan)
                     Steve Craig (Archerfield Links) p
74                 Craig Knowles (Glenrothes) p
                     Michael Murray (Leven Thistle)
                     Keith Bruce  (Edzell)
75                 David Snodgrass (Crail GS)
                     Graeme Brown (Montrose Links) (ap)
                     Steven Meiklejohn (Lundin)
                     David Snodgrass  (Crail GS) ap

67                  Andy Black                             Tulliallan, 14
68                  John Baxter                           Lundin, 4
69                  Michael Murray                   Leven Thistle, 5
                      Jim Curley                              Lundin, 10
70                  David Snodgrass                  Crail GS, 5
71                  Stuart Baker                          Crail, 5
                      Bill Taylor                                Edzell, 1
                      Andrew Hubble                   Aberdour, 6
                      Bob Stewart                          Tulliallan, 2
                      Jim Marshall.                        Milnathort, 9
                      Thomas Wilson                    Ladybank, 9
                      Graham Milne                      Aberdour, 5
                      Dave A Morrison                 Downfield, 12
                      David Morrison                    Blair Atholl, 12
                      Gary Pyott                             Arbroath Artisan, 5


56                 Mike Mackenzie                  AP, Edzell
                     Keith Bruce                            Edzell, 2
                     Graham Milne                       Aberdour, 5
                     Andrew Hubble                    Aberdour, 6

59                 Dennis Redford                    Murrayshall, 14
                     Alister Duncan                      Murrayshall, 5
                     Jim Meddicks                        Murrayshall, 12
                     Davie Hutchison                   Murrayshall, 8

60 bih         Bob Stewart                           Tulliallan, 2
                     Ray Barton                              Alloa, 12
                     Fraser Campbell                   Monifieth, Scr
                     Colin Myles                            Monifieth, 6

Next Meeting
Scott Arbuthnott Team Competition
Arbroath Golf Links
January 25
8.30- 12.30

Lee Sutherland



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