Tuesday, December 05, 2017

It ain't half hot in New Zealand, says Jim Hardie

Greetings to your good self and all readers of Scottish Golf View, from a simply boiling New Zealand!
Been here in Christchurch for a week, and the temperature has yet to dip below 28 degrees during the day, and today while playing at Shirley Links it was over 30 degrees
Fluid was the order of the day, closely followed by a load of birdies, where the guys in the above photo, from the left ,were Carl Brooking, a teaching pro at the Harewood resort in Christchurch, and next to Carl, his five-handicap partner Andrew Hopkins, who last Saturday celebrated his 70 birthday.
Continuing the caption from the left, it's me and Sir Bob Charles on the extreme right.
Fair to say that Sir Bob and myself had our fair share of opportunities, but putting was not as good as required, the match ending on the 17 th hole where yours truly had a stroke, but, of course, managed to three-putt to hand a 2 and 1 victory to Carl and Andrew
Of course, as always happens, I stiffed my second shot at the last for a tap-in birdie, too late as always
Sir Bob and Lady Verity leave soon for a Christmas family reunion in South Africa, so next game will be in 2018. I am off down to Wanaka for 10 days' golf, and fishing on the mighty Clutha River
Not complaining, but the weather is forecast to get as high as 34 at the weekend. That is hot!
I have no doubt the guys in the Alliance would think these temperatures are brilliant, but if you do not drink constantly while out on the course it’s pretty dangerous
I would take this opportunity to wish you all my best wishes for the forthcoming festive season, and all that’s best for 2018!
Surely the dreadful Scottish weather has to improve for next season
Jim Hardie 🌞🎣🏌🏽😎

Note to Jim from the Editor. I can "beat" the New Zealand weather because I am on holiday in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, the landlocked Far East country which has Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam as neighbours and used to be in IndoChina.
Don't pronounce the "s" in Laos ... and it rhymes with COW.
Early December temperatures here are a steady 30 to 32 degrees every day, dropping only a couple of degrees when night falls at 6pm.
Blue skies and sunshine every day But it's not oppressive heat. Perfect place for a holiday although it would take up 52 hours (26 hours each way) of your holiday in travelling time.
Laos is seven hours ahead of UK time which makes it very difficult to update this website because, at my age, I am tucked up in bed when golfing things happen back in Scotland and the UK.
For instance, Wednesday's North-east Alliance at Portlethen should finish around 4 to 4.30 pm UK time which will be 11 to 11.30 pm Laos time.
So that raises complications. Alliance news readers will have to be a little patient this week for the last fixture of 2018. It may be Thursday UK time before they can read the scores on Scottishgolfview.com



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