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Alps Tour Qualifying School 2017
La Cala Resort - Asia and America Courses (Malaga, Spain)
December 14 to 16
South Africa's Albert Venter wins the Final Stage


South Africa’s Albert Venter wrote his name on the Alps Tour Qualifying School book. He won back to back the first and final stages. This is the first time a player recorded this result. He signed for final round 68, -3 for -12 total.
Federico Zucchetti of Italy and France’s Paul Bariteau shared second place 3 shots further. Zucchetti fired best score of the day tie, 65 and Bariteau recorded a 68 card.
The weather was fresh and windy on La Cala golf course and only players from Scotland wore short sleeves!
The overnight leader, Venter did not start the best way his hunt to glory. He dropped one shot on the first hole but he erased his mistake with a 68 meter wedge shot holed on the next hole for eagle. His playing partners did chase him all day long and he admitted he had it was a hard day. »
There are 37 players who got their full category to play on Alps Tour next year. From England there are 11 players and from GB and Ireland all together 15.
Then the second nations are Spain and France with 6 players qualified. New countries will start on Alps Tour, one player from Israel, Colombia, South Africa and 2 from Sweden.
The season will be launched mid-february with traditional Egypt swing.
1203-12Albert VENTER (SOUTH AFRICA)657068800.00»»
2206-9Federico ZUCCHETTI (ITA)697265475.00»»
3206-9Paul BARITEAU (FRA)706769475.00»»
4208-7Clarke LUTTON (SCO) Category 6697069250.00»»
5208-7Jack SINGH BRAR (ENG)706771250.00»»
6209-6Guillaume CAMBIS (FRA)697565150.00»»
7209-6Ivan CANTERO GUTIERREZ (ESP)687170150.00»»
8211-4Hugues Jr JOANNES (BEL)717367150.00»»
9211-4Joel GIRBAU (ESP) (a)736969Amateur»»
10212-3Luke GROVES (ENG)707270100.00»»
11212-3Javier SAINZ (ESP)746771100.00»»
12212-3Justin BRINK (IRL)707171100.00»»
13213-2Stephen GRANT (IRL)7074690.00»»
14213-2Bernard NEUMAYER (AUT)7268730.00»»
15214-1Alexander JACOBSSON (SWE)7769680.00»»
16214-1Michael DALLAT (IRL) (a)697273Amateur»»
17215ParSebastian PETERSEN (SWE)7172720.00»»
18215ParMario LOPEZ (ESP)7268750.00»»
19216+1Daniel OSORIO (ESP)7473690.00»»
20216+1Piers BERRINGTON (ENG)7469730.00»»
21216+1Andrew SCRIMSHAW (ENG)7271730.00»»
22217+2Paul NESSLING (ENG)7968700.00»»
23217+2Alvaro ARIZABALETA (COL)7473700.00»»
24217+2Michael LUDWIG (AUT)7473700.00»»
25217+2Tom COULSON (ENG)7669720.00»»
26217+2Arthur GABELLA (SWI)7570720.00»»
27217+2Simon FERNOUX (FRA)7372720.00»»
28217+2Asaf COHEN (ISR)7668730.00»»
29217+2Sam CUTTING (ENG)7073740.00»»
30217+2Jeremy VOISARD (FRA) (a)756775Amateur»»
31218+3Jaime BENITO (ESP)7374710.00»»
32218+3Louis COHEN BOYER (FRA)7372730.00»»
33218+3Steve JONES (ENG)7470740.00»»
34219+4Mikiel TCHOBANIAN (ENG)7274730.00»»
35219+4Teremoana BEAUCOUSIN (FRA) (a)747174Amateur»»
36219+4Ashley MASON (ENG)7471740.00»»
37219+4Tom HAYWARD (ENG)7370760.00»»
38220+5David CAREY (IRL)7573720.00»»
39220+5Carlo CASALEGNO (ITA)7573720.00»»
40220+5Ruben VAN UDEN (NED)7473730.00»»
41220+5Inigo LOPEZ PIZARRO (ESP)7473730.00»»
42220+5Ryan FRICKER (ENG)7175740.00»»
43220+5Daniel BERNA (ESP)7274740.00»»
44220+5Juan Carlos OSORIO (ESP)7373740.00»»
45220+5Matyas BALDAUF (HUN)7472740.00»»
46220+5Ewen FERGUSON (SCO) Category 8 7075750.00»»
47220+5Paul ELISSALDE (FRA)7470760.00»»
48221+6Miguel A. JIMENEZ (ESP)7770740.00»»
49221+6Davey PORSIUS (NED)7671740.00»»
50221+6Clement HAUCHARD (FRA)7572740.00»»
51221+6Henry SIMPSON (FRA) (a)767174Amateur»»
52221+6Sebastien GANDON (FRA)7373750.00»»
53222+7Martin FARFAL (FRA) (a)757374Amateur»»
54222+7Andreas TANCRED (SWE)7672740.00»»
55222+7Sam TESTELIN (FRA)7671750.00»»
56222+7Craig ROSS (SCO) Category 87076760.00»»
57222+7Jake AYRES (ENG)7665810.00»»
58222+7Alex HOLMES (ENG)7071810.00»»
59223+8Phillip KELLY (ENG)7375750.00»»
60223+8Andrea CAVALLARO (ITA)7276750.00»»
61223+8Jeremy MAURIO (FRA)7672750.00»»
62223+8Michele ORTOLANI (ITA)7671760.00»»
63223+8Harrison WOAN (ENG)7572760.00»»
64223+8Hari CHANG (USA)7668790.00»»
65223+8Conor O'ROURKE (IRL)7172800.00»»
66224+9Lars KEUNEN (NED)7272800.00»»
67225+10Leonardo SBARIGIA (ITA)7870770.00»»
68225+10Roberto FRANCIONI (SWI)7770780.00»»
69226+11Marc DOBIAS (SWI)7870780.00»»
70226+11Florian REY (SWI) (a)767278Amateur»»
71226+11Jean RODRIGUEZ (FRA)7275790.00»»
72227+12Grant NEAL (ENG)7471820.00»»
73229+14Samuel LAMOTTE (FRA) (a)777181Amateur»»
74229+14Marc RODRIGUEZ CALASSOU (FRA)7473820.00»»
75233+18Pierre Olivier POCHAT (FRA) (a)767087Amateur»»
76=149+6James MYNOTT (ENG)7772  »»
Victor MARCHISET (FRA) (a)7772 Amateur»»
Alberto FISCO (ITA)7970 »»
Mervin ROCCHI (FRA)7574 »»
Sean TOWNDROW (ENG)7376 »»
Cesare TURCHI (ITA)7574 »»
Arthur AMEIL-PLANCHIN (SWI)7673 »»
84=150+7Jean-Michel HALL (ENG)7278  »»
Edoardo VIZZOTTO (ITA) (a)7773 Amateur»»
Benjamin KEDOCHIM (FRA)8070  »»
87=151+8Alex MESSIQUA (SWI)7576  »»
Timon BALTL (AUSTRIA)7675 »»
Benjamin DUCROS (FRA)7675 »»
Gregoire LUCK (FRA) (a)7675 Amateur»»
Philip GEERTS (ITA) (a)7774 Amateur»»
Ben SMITH (ENG)7972  »»
93=152+9Linus MANNTZ (SWE)7478  »»
Romain VALLAEYS (FRA) (a)7775 Amateur»»
Paul BERKHOUT (NED)7775  »»
Mafredi MANICA (ITA) (a)7478 Amateur»»
Geoffrey MEURICE (FRA)7478  »»
Corrado DE STEFANI (ITA)7973 »»
Baptiste COURTACHON (FRA)8072 »»
Nicolas ROCHE (FRA)7874 »»
Christopher LABADIE (FRA)7478 »»
102=153+10Alexandre FRECHE (FRA) (a)7677 Amateur»»
Filippo BERGAMASCHI (ITA)7677  »»
Javier HERRANZ DE CRUZ (ESP)7875 »»
Gabriel NAVEAU (FRA) (a)8172 Amateur»»
Richard GAI (ITA) (a)7677 Amateur»»
107=154+11Oscar SPOLANDER (SWE)7975  »»
Alex ESMATGES (ESP)7777 »»
Ollie ROBERTS (ENG)8173 »»
111=155+12Felix SCHULZ (AUSTRIA)7778  »»
Matthew RION (FRA)7778 »»
Javier PARADA (ESP)7679 »»
Gary BOITOUR-LAUFERON (FRA) (a)7778 Amateur»»
Bas SLUNGERS (NED)7382  »»
116=156+13Louis GAUGHAN (SCO)8373  »»
Jani HIETANEN (FIN)7878 »»
Ryan RAWSON (ENG)8175 »»
Davide GHISALBERTI (ITA)8274 »»
Kevin ESTEVE (AND)7680 »»
Raphael GINOUVES (FRA)8274 »»
Alistair CAMERON (ENG)7878 »»
Issa NLAREB A AMANG (CMR)8373 »»
124157+14Pier Paolo CUOMO (ITA)7483  »»
125=158+15Victor BERTRAN CROUS (ESP)7979  »»
Andrea PICCHIO (ITA) (a)7880 Amateur»»
Kurt MAYR (AUSTRIA)8078  »»
Paul CORRADO (FRA)8078 »»
129=159+16Alexandre BOIGONTIER (FRA) (a)7683 Amateur»»
Blane BREHENY (ENG)8178  »»
Andrea VERCESI (ITA)8277 »»
132160+17Guglielmo BRAVETTI (ITA)8575  »»
133=161+18Christophe ROCHUS (BEL)8279  »»
Adrien PINGUET (FRA)8576 »»
135=162+19James ASHFIELD (ENG)8478  »»
Filippo LOTTI (ITA)8280 »»
Alessandro STUCCHI (ITA) (a)8280 Amateur»»
138164+21Sean DENNY (IRL)8480  »»
139166+23Lucas LEVY (FRA) (a)8383 Amateur»»
140167+24Christian KUEHNEL (BEL)8681  »»
141=RTDHenri JOUAN (FRA)**  »»
Emilio PARODI (ARG)82* »»
David SALGADO (ESP)80* »»
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Tel. +33 (0)1 41 49 77 22  -  Email



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