Monday, November 06, 2017

Murcar Links Golf Club leading prizewinners in 2017

 Murcar Links Golf Club men's prizewinners during the 2017 season.
Back L-R - Brian Holbrook, Graeme McInnes, David Ritchie, John Black (Captain), Martin Watt, Kenny Gunnyeon (Scratch Champion), Adrian Styles, Ross Kane, Sam Henderson, Euan Barclay, Scott Copland
Front L-R - Alan Holbrook, Bob Bews, Alan Davie (Handicap Champion), Mark Brennan, Derek Allan

Murcar Links Golf Club leading junior prizewinners during the 2017 season
Back L-R - Cole Sim, Lewis Watt, James Johnston, Jon Hepburn (Handicap Champion)
Middle L-R - Aidan Buckley, Ethan Main, Ewen Lindsay
Front L-R - Owen Walker, Ryan Munro (Scratch Champion)

+The Murcar Links Golf Club leading lady prizewinners in 2017 can be viewed on



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