Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Carnoustie's PGA senior professional champion Fraser Mann set the pace in the first round of the Scottish Golfers' Alliance 54-hole championship over the Monifieth Links medal course with a two-under-par 69.

Winner of the World Hickory Championship recently (that's Fraser pictured with the trophy), leads the field of 105 by one shot from four players, Kenny Hutton (Downfield), Craig Lawrie (Paul Lawrie Golf Centre), Marc Owenson (Gullane) and Jamie McLeary (Deer Park).
The amateurs' lead on two-over 73 is shared by Stewart Finnie (Caledonian), Jake Scott (Moray) and Brian Nicolson (Hazlehead).
In the handicap section, Alan Gall, who plays off eight at Bishopbriggs, is in the pole position with a net 69.
There is a cut after 36 holes. Those who miss the cut will have the opportunity to play in a consolation 18-hole competition over the Ashludie course.


69 Fraser Mann (Carnoustie)
70 Kenny Hutton (Downfield)
70 Craig Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC)
70 Marc Owenson (Gullane)
70 Jamie McLeary (Deer Park)
72 John Duff (Newmacher)
72 Scott Gillies (North Berwick)
73 Neil Douglas (Pitlochry)
73 Craig Knowles (Glenrothes)
73 Keir McNicoll (Carnoustie)
73 Chris Curran (Bathgate)
74 Philip McLean (Peterhead)
74 Paul Brookes (Pitreavie)
74 Sean Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC)
76 Gordon McLeod (Monifieth)
77 Sam Kiloh (Paul Lawrie GC)
79 Louis Gaughan (Bathgate)
80 James Smallwood (Irvine)
81 Richard Brian (Bruntsfield Links)
Stewart Finnie (Caledonian) 73
Brian Nicolson (Hazlehead) 73
Jake Scott (Moray)                 73
Willy Hutton (Pitlochry)         74
Ian Murray (Leven Thistle)         74
Stuart Birrell (Leven Thistle) 76
Steven Dand (Pumpherston)     76
Albert Smith (Turriff)                 76
Simon Lockhart (Bathgate)        76
Keith Bruce (Edzell)                     77
Norman Dyce (Strathmore) 77
David Leslie (Bon Accord)         77
John Nicolson (Hazlehead)         77
Neil McGarva (Kilmacolm)         77
Willie Skene (Deeside)         77
Alan Gall (Bishopbriggs)         77
Chris Gilbert (Cruden Bay)         78
John Baxter (Lundin)                 78
Alistair Graham (Aboyne)         78
Jim Emslie (Royal Aberdeen)  79
Colin Halcrow (Windyhill)          79
J. Richard Johnston (Glenbervie)80
John Borthwick (Craibstone)  80
Bill Barclay (Downfield)          80
David Johnston (Moray)              80
David Fleming (Portlethen)  80
Mark Lawrie (Kemnay)          80
William Johnston (Moray)          80
Ian Jeen (St Andrews New)                  81
Gavin Chalmers (Alford)         81
Derrick Wilson (Monifieth)  81
William Dewar (Alloa)                 81
Derek Craigie (Kemnay)            81
Allister Thompson (Irvine Bogside) 81
Colin Myles (Monifieth)         82
Colin Duffus (Royal Aberdeen) 82
David Morrison (Blair Atholl) 82
Kevin Lawor (Crail GS)                 83
John Sunlay (Newmachar)         83
David Nelson (Aboyne)               83
Les Fowler (Royal Aberdeen) 83
David Lane (Deeside)                83
Ron Bell (Pitlochry)                 84
Philip Morrison (Oldmeldrum) 85
Roy Farquhar (Carnoustie)         85
Colin Mavor (St Andrews New) 85

69 A Gall  (Bishopbriggs) (8).
70 D Morrison (Blair Atholl) (12), W Johnston (Moray) (10), W Skene (Deeside) (7).
71 S Dand (Pumpherston) ( 5), A Smith (Turriff) (5), B Nicolson (Hazlehead) (2).

Times for Round 2 on Wednesday, October 11

Timeno.Name and ClubhcapDist
8.061Ian Murray (Leven Thistle)0M
8.061Lee Sutherland (Monifieth)PM
8.061Roy Farquhar (Carnoustie)8M
8.142John Baxter (Lundin)3M
8.142Stewart Finnie (Caledonian)1NE
8.142Philip McLean (Peterhead)PNE
8.223Chris Gilbert (Cruden Bay)0NE
8.223Willy Hutton (Pitlochry)0M
8.223Willie Laing (Prestonfield)8E
8.385Kenny Hutton (Downfield)PM
8.385Derek Craigie (Kemnay)7NE
8.385Richard Wright (Auchmill)13NE
8.466Peter Low (Craibstone)12NE
8.466Neil Douglas (Pitlochry)PM
8.466Jamie McLeary (Deer Park)PE
8.547John Borthwick (Craibstone)4NE
8.547J. Richard Johnston (Glenbervie)1E
8.547Craig Knowles (Glenrothes)PM
9.028Colin Halcrow (Windyhill)4W
9.028David McKay (Fort Augustus)8NE
9.028Ron Bell (Pitlochry)6M
9.109Neil McGarva (Kilmacolm)5W
9.109David Nelson (Aboyne)7NE
9.109Bill Barclay (Downfield)5M
9.1810Graeme Hamilton (Moray)9N
9.1810Allister Thompson (Irvine Bogside)9W
9.1810Colin Mavor (New Club St. Andrews)7M
9.3412Alan McWilliam (Moray)14N
9.3412Eric Gourlay (Grange)11M
9.3412Les Fowler (Royal Aberdeen)9NE
9.4213David Johnston (Moray)5N
9.4213Keith Bruce (Edzell)2M
9.4213Richard Brian (Bruntsfield Links)PE
9.5014William Johnston (Moray)11N
9.5014David Morrison (Blair Atholl)12M
9.5014Sam Kiloh (Paul Lawrie GC)APNE
9.5815Stuart Baker (Crail)5M
9.5815John England (Moray)7N
9.5815Philip Leggate (Musselburgh)7E
10.0616William Miller (Monifieth)14M
10.0616Mike Mackay (Kemnay)14NE
10.0616Stewart Taylor (Boat of Garten)12N
10.1417Ian Jeen (New Club)2M
10.1417Philip Morrison (Old Meldrum)5NE
10.1417Ian Cooke (Monifieth)14M
10.2218Charles Cassie (Nigg Bay)7NE
10.2218Alan Gall (Bishopbriggs)8W
10.2218William Dewar (Alloa)6M
10.3019Norman Stewart (Northern)12NE
10.3019Robert Coupar (Inverallochy)13NE
10.3019John Snaddon (Alloa)13M
10.4621Jackie Forrest (Northern)12NE
10.4621Gavin Smith (Monifieth)14M
10.4621Steven David (Pumpherston)5E
10.5422David Fleming (Portlethen)6NE
10.5422Kevin Lawor (Crail GS)6M
10.5422Alan Gall (Deeside)6NE
11.0223Keir McNicoll (Carnoustie)PM
11.0223Willie Skene (Deeside)8NE
11.0223Louis Gaughan (Bathgate)PE
11.1024Glen Cockrane (Kemnay)9NE
11.1024Fraser Mann (Carnoustie)PM
11.1024Richard Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeeen)9NE
11.1825Mark Lawrie (Kemnay)7NE
11.1825Stuart Birrell (Leven Thistle)3M
11.1825Chris Curran (Bathgate)APE
11.2626Jim Emslie (Royal Aberdeen)3NE
11.2626Jim Watt (Edzell)3M
11.2626Jake Scott (Moray)+1NE
11.3427David Lane (Deeside)9NE
11.3427Gordon McLeod (Monifieth)PM
11.3427Robbie Duncan (Deeside)12NE
11.4228Gavin Chalmers (Alford)5NE
11.4228Alistair Graham (Aboyne)6NE
11.4228Paul Brookes (Pitrieve)PM
11.5029Simon Lockhart (Bathgate)+2E
11.5029John Sunlay (Newmacher)7NE
11.5029Craig Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC)APNE
11.5830Stewart Allison (Bon Accord)6NE
11.5830Albert Smith (Turriff)5NE
11.5830Sean Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC)PNE
12.0631Benny Lumsden (Northern)13NE
12.0631Ally Douglas (Caird Park)14M
12.0631Marc Owenson (Gullane)PE
12.1432Gary Homer (Aboyne)11NE
12.1432Graham Allan (Hazelhead)13NE
12.1432Pete Cowan (West Lothian)13E
12.2233Peter Cheyne (Northern)8NE
12.2233John Nicolson (Hazelhead)4NE
12.2233Mike Herbertson (Newmacher)7NE
12.3034David Leslie (Bon Accord)3NE
12.3034Brian Nicolson (Hazelhead)2NE
12.3034Norman Dyce (Strathmore)2M
12.3835John Duff (Newmacher)PNE
12.3835Keith Henderson (Ratho Park)10M
12.3835James Wilson (Dunfermline)14M
12.4236David Blair (Irvine)5W
12.4236Scott Gilles (North Berwick)PE
12.4236Colin Myles (Monifieth)7M
12.5037Colin Duffus (Royal Aberdeen)7NE
12.5037Craig Morgan (Irvine)14W
12.5037Neish Chisholm (Kemnay)13NE
12.5838James Smallwood (Irvine)PW
12.5838Derrick Wilson (Monifieth)6M
12.5838George Cant (Monifieth)13M



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