Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Draw for Kirkcudbright team championship on June 19

Seven of the eight affiliated Kirkcudbrightshire Golf Clubs compete for the Team Championship at Colvend on Monday, June 19:
The draw is:
3.52 P Haslem (Gth) T Graham (NG) P Johnson (Col)
4.00 R McWilliam (CD) K Adams(Dal) K Grierson (NG)
4.08 A Barker (Col),  C Kirkpatrick (CD), S Thomson (GTH)
4.16 R Johnson (Col), D Berry (Dal)
4.24 G Blayney (Sns),  A Long (NG), A Chalk (CD)
4.32 E Bryson (CD), I Brown(NG),  J Menzies (Kbt)
4.40 D Aitken (NG), R Patterson, jun (Kbt) E Priest ( Col)
5.00 I McBeth (CD), I Menzies ( KBT)
5.10 I Rae (Dal) ,W Squires (Kbt)
5.20 D Nielsen (NG), M Kirkwood (Kbt)
5.30 R Murray (Sns) K Munn (Kbt)
5.38 G McMillan (Gth) D Young ( Col)
5.46 C Riddick (Sns) R Patterson (Snr) (Kbt)
5.58 C Heuchan (Sns) G Findlay (CD) I Black (Gth)
6.07 D King (Sns) I Pickhall (Gth) W Smith (Dal)
6.15 D Borland (Sns) R Hope ( Gth) C Smith (Dal)

A complimentary meal will be served on completion of player's round.
Brian Duguid
Kirkcudbrightshire Golfers Association



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