Friday, September 23, 2016

Northern Counties Cup tournament at Royal Dornoch

Royal Aberdeen beat holders Nairn, then 

Newmachar to reach last four

The last four still standing in the Northern Counties Cup at Royal Dornoch GC are Royal Aberdeen 1, Moray 1, Banchory and Nairn Dunbar

Royal Aberdeen 1 had an impressive victory over holders Nairn by seven holes in the morning third round. The difference was in the putting with the Balgownie men holing out consistently and also sinking  a great deal of long putts.
Royal Aberdeen's Mark Halliday, Nick and Donald Macandrew, and young Daniel Sim, followed up that good performance with another one to KO Newmachar by three holes in the quarter-finals.

Cruden Bay 2 beat Tain in the morning at the 20th but they succumbed to the in-form Moray 1 quartet by a 14-hole margin in the quarter-finals

Banchory had a convincing win against Meldrum House to reach the semi-finals with last year’s finalists Nairn Dunbar who beat the 2014 winners, Fortrose, to reach the last four.

Royal Dornoch Golf Club


 Royal Aberdeen 1 bt Nairn by 7 holes

M Halliday, N Macandrew 4, S MacDonald, F Fotheringham 0; D Macandrew, D Sim 3, R Smith, J Macintosh 0.

Newmachar 1 bt Cruden Bay 1  by 1 hole

C Cheyne, G Munro 0, M Buchan, M Christie 2; C Simpson, J Wilson 3, S McCulloch, G Evans 0.

Moray 1 bt Royal Dornoch 1 by 6 holes

M L Macleman, S Tatters 4, D Pearson, B Urquhart 0; K Godsman, G Murray 2, C MacKay, K Mathieson 0.

Cruden Bay 2 bt Tain at 20th

C Stephen, L Cruickshanks 1, M Ferries, A Everett 0; S Buchan, D King 0, D O’Brien, L McAlpine 1.

Meldrum House bt Inverness by 1hole

D Morrison, S Green 0, J Forbes, D Joel 0; R Ord, C McCombie 1, J Keith, K MacKay 0.

Banchory bt Turriff by 10 holes

A Lindsay, L Smart 3, S Clarihew, I Ross 0; J Harrling, R Black 7, A Ogg, M Singer 0.

Fortrose bt Nigg Bay 1 by 3 holes

A Cameron, L Reid 3, T Ogston, L O’Conner 0; M MacDonald, C Gaittens 0, G Grimmer, S Jamieson 0.

Nairn Dunbar bt Forres by 5 holes

G Burnett, W Barron 2, J Wright, J Carpenter 0; F Brown, B Watson 3, B Fotheringham, R McKerron 0.


Royal Aberdeen 1 bt Newmachar 1 by 3 holes

M Halliday, N Macandrew 3, C Cheyne, G Munro 0; D Macandrew, D Sim 0, C Simpson, J Wilson 0.

Moray 1 bt Cruden Bay 2 by 14 holes

M L Macleman, S Tatters 9, C Stephen, L Cruickshanks 1; K Godsman, G Murray 5, S Buchan, D King 0.

Banchory bt Meldrum House by 10 holes

A Lindsay, L Smart 4, D Morrison, S Green 0; J Harling, R Black 6, R Ord, C McCombie 0.

Nairn Dunbar bt Fortrose by 1 hole

G Burnett, W Barron 0, A Cameron, L Reid 2; F Brown, B Watson 3, M MacDonald, C Gaittens 0.



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