Monday, July 18, 2016

There is a job opportunity at Shot Scope which is ideally aimed at a young golfer who has left school or graduated. I was wondering if you would be ok to post this on Scottish Golf View. It is Edinburgh-based and hopefully helps one of the young golfers in Scotland find a job.
Below is the job description and contact information.
Gavin Dear

 Commercial Assistant: Job Description

Shot Scope background

Shot Scope is a performance tracking system for golf. We produce a wristband that collects golfer’s performance data automatically, after the data is collected it is uploaded to our website where data can then be consumed by the customer. We are a young dynamic golf technology company based in Edinburgh.

Commercial Assistant responsibilities:

To assist in the golf course mapping project, customer support system and in general commercial activities.

Commercial Assistant duties:

Course Mapping – In order for the Shot Scope device to work we must map out every golf course in the world using our customised geo-fencing tool. The Commercial Assistant will be required to manage the quality control of the data that is submitted from our “mapping team” as well as mapping golf courses when needed.

Customer Support – Shot Scope receives many emails from our users every day, the Commercial Assistant will help answer user’s enquires about the product.

General Commercial Activities – The Commercial Assistant will have opportunities to be involved in areas such marketing, KPI tracking, sales and human resource management. The role offers a good opportunity to learn the golf market in depth as well as general business practices.

Skills and Qualifications

The Commercial Assistant role is ideal for a university graduate or school leaver with an extensive knowledge of golf.

Applicants must have:

·       An extensive knowledge of golf

·       Basic computer skills

Further Information

Start Date –  As soon as possible

Location –  Castle Brae Business Centre, Edinburgh

Job Hours – 9.00am - 5.00pm (opportunity for flexible working hours)

Holiday allocation – 33 days

Salary –  £17,000 - £18,000

Application Information

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your CV to with the title “Commercial Assistant Job Application”.

Other Job Opportunity

We are also looking to grow our course mapping team. If you want to work part time from home, then course mapping could be very appealing. We pay £9 for every course mapped and a £1 bonus if the course is mapped without any mistakes. Mapping a course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. There is no requirement to map a certain number of courses per week.

If interested please email to with the title “Course Mapping”.



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