Sunday, January 17, 2016

North-east Alliance tee times for Wednesday's meeting at venue still to be confirmed (NOT Royal Tarlair)

08:30 Cassie, Charlie/ Esson, Gary/ Campbell, Andrew/ Smith, Albert 
08:39 Morrison, P/ Merchant, Manson/ Lamb, Robert
08:57 Mackay, David /Chalmers, Gavin/ Nicol, Kris .
09:06 Reid, Raymond /Booth, Doug/ Blackmore, Richard/ Dillon, Stephen 
09:15 Brown, Mike /Brown, Raymond/ Davidson, Scott/ Lawrie, Donald 
09:24 Rendall, Michael/ Roger, Leslie/ Roulston, Harry/ Ross, Stephen
09:33 Duff, John/ Ritchie, Brian 
09:51 Stewart, Jim /Duncan, Lenny/ Beattie, William/ McGillivary, Keith 
10:00 Forrest, Jackie /Lumsden, Ben/ Stewart, Norman  
10:09 Scott, Jim /Skene, Bob/ Mackie, Scott/ Walker, Peter 
10:18 1 Fleming, David Fowler, Les Gall, Alan Duncan, Mike  10:27 Beveridge, Keil /Murray, Laura/ Hopwood, Joel
10:36 Allison, Stewart /Davidson, Richie/ Winton, Mike /Finnie, Stewart
10:45  Leslie, David /Homer, Gary/ Cheyne, Peter /Wright, Dick  10:54 Morris, Jim/ Riley, Graeme . 
11:03 Brown, David /Cochrane, Glen /Collie, Tommy / Tulloch, Robert  
11:12 Skene, Willie / Duncan, Robbie / Clark, Alistair /Rogers, Mike 
11:21 Lane, David / Thom, G / Murray, Jim /Bisset, David 
11:30 Nelson, David /Graham, Alistair/  Parker, Nigel K
11:39 Nicolson, Brian/ Nicolson, John / Allan, Graham
11:48  Borthwick, John / Low, P / Middler, William  
11:57  McKen, Ross / Duncan, Kevin /Paterson, Murray



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