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Report, scores, prizewinners and next week's tee times at Kemnay

 McLean and Duncan tie on 68 at NE Alliance

Professionals dominated the restart of the North-east Golfers' Alliance at Craibstone Golf Club by filling six of the leading seven places at the head of a field of 75 competitors on a cold and often wet day at the Bucksburn, Aberdeen venue.
Philip McLean (Paul Lawrie Golf Centre) and Kevin Duncan (Cruden Bay) earned £90 each by tieing for first scratch place with one-under-par 69s.
McLean's stablemate Greg McBain was third with a 69 and home course teaching pro Lee Vannet fourth with a 70.
McLean made his score with a hat-trick of birdies from the second to the fourth and turned in 35 but had no birdies on the inward half.
Duncan, last man to finish, deprived McLean of an outright win and, indeed should have finished alone in first place himself.
The EuroPro Tour player birded the fifth, eighth, 11th, 13th and 15th but lost a ball off the tee at both the 17th and the 18th. The 17th cost him a bogey 5 but the last hole saw him mark up a double bogey 6 in halves of 34
Par 69, SSS 69, CSS 69
68 P McLean (Paul Lawrie GC) 33-35, K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 34-34
69 G McBain (Paul Lawrie GC) 36-33
70 L Vannet (Craibstone) 35-35
71 J Duff (Newmachar), K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge) 35-36, T Robertson (Peterculter) 35-36
72 B Fyfe (Paul Lawrie GC) 37-35
74 B Nicolson (Hazlehead) 37-37, K Daglish (Portlethen) 37-37, J Hopwood (Royal Aberdeen) 37-37, Sean Lawrie (Portlethen) 35-39
75 R McKen (Trump International) 39-36, A Dunton (McDonald Ellon) 37-38, C Nelson (Mackenzie Shop) 40-35
76 S Mackie (Hazlehead) 42-34, J Borthwick (Craibstone) 34-42, J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen) 42-34, A Stuart (Paul Lawrie GC) 36-40, G Riley (Craibstone) 38-38
77 R Tulloch (Kemnay) 40-37, D Brown (Kemnay) 37-40, K Zeynalov (Portlethen) 40-37
78 B McPherson (Portlethen) 44-34, B J Ritchie (Inveralochy), D Adam (Kemnay) 37-41
79 L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen) 41-38, K McGillivray (Craibstone) 42-37, W Beattie (Craibstone) 38-41.
81 L Roger (Royal Aberdeen) 37-44, S Scott (Hazlehead), J Hamilton (Murcar Links), H McNaughton (Cruden Bay) 41-40, J Sunley (Northern) 41-40
82 C Cassie (Nigg Bay), M Lawrie (Kemnay) 38-44, J Morris (Craibstone) 40-42
83 P Morrison (Oldmeldrum), G Homer (Northern) 45-38
84 G Milne (Newburgh), J Duncan (Newburgh) 43-41,R Duncan (Deeside) 44-40, S Melvin (Newmachar) 42-42
85 R Brown (Newburgh), D Fleming (Portlethen)
86 G Chalmers (Alford) 39-47, D Lane (Deeside) 41-45
88 R Davidson (Caledonian), G Moir (Oldmeldrum) 47-41
89 P Craig (Kintore) 44-45, D Wright (Northern) 42-47,D Nelson (Aboyne), J Crawford (Craibstone) 48-41
90 P Low (Craibstone) 
91 M Brown (Kemnay) 
92 M Winton (Caledonian) 45-47
93 S Allison (Caledonian)
96 M Smith (Newmachar)
100 S Ross (Hazlehead)

If the wrong club is listed after your name above, or no club is named at all, please Email the correct information to

Class 1 - T Robertson (Peterculter) (2) 69; S Mackie (Hazlehead) (5), K McGillivray (Craibstone) (8), D Adam (Oldmeldrum) (7) 71; B McPherson (Portlethen) (6) 72 (bih)
Class 2 - W Beattie (Craibstone) (11) 68; H McNaughton (Cruden Bay) (12) 69; L Roger (Royal Aberdeen) (10) 71; G Homer (Northern) (11), R Duncan (Deeside) (12) 72.


8-15 B Ritchie P Morrison T Matheson
8-23 C Nelson L Vannet
8-31 G Chalmers C Dempster S Hanson
8-39 D Mackay B Lumsden
8-55 M Brown R Brown S Davidson

9-03 P McLean J Duff S Ross
9-11 A Stuart S Dunn K Daglish
9-19 J Hamilton H Roulston M Winton
9-27 H McNaughton J Emslie B Mcpherson
9-35 L Roger M Rendall N Chisholm
9-43 J Duncan G Milne D Townsley
9-51 K McGillivary, W Beattie J Crawford
9-59 L Fowler M Duncan J Hopwood

10-07 J Scott G Patterson B Skene
10-15 G Homer D Leslie I D Smith
10-23 M Lawrie D Brown M Smith
10-31 N Parker D Lane R Ruddiman
10-39 P Cheyne T Robertson J Sunley
10-47 B Fyfe S Lawrie C.Grant
10-55 D Bisset F Bisset J Murray

11-03 J Morrice G Ryley
11-11 S Allison R Davidson G Mackie
11-19 D Nelson A Graham
11-27 Sean Lawrie C Lawrie C Law
11-35 K Duncan R McKen M Patterson




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