Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boyd Quaich tees off at St Andrews

The Boyd Quaich international students' tournament began today (Tuesday) over the Old and New Courses, St Andrews. It continues with 36 holes on Wednesday before concluding with 18 holes over the Old Course on Thursday.

Par 71
67 M Howard (Edinburgh).
68 L Johnson (Tennessee Chattanooga)
69 C Hill (Louisiana-Monroe), M Loubser (Pretoria).
70 S Anderson (Texas Wesleyan), G Burns (St Andrews), A Gleeson (Dublin), C Chalmers (Strathclyde), G Williams (Brooklyn).
71 C Howie (Stirling), J Yates (Dublin),
72 C Rossouw (Stellenbosch), G Duncan (Lincoln Memorial), R Mullarney (Maynooth), D Wilson (New Mexico State), K Thomas (Louisiana-Monroe).

par 72
74 J L Williams (Charlotte).
75 C Hughes (Galway), G Price (Duham), C Elfick(Cape Town, R White (W New Mexico).
76 L Hernandex (Charlotte), D Reidy (Sligo), D Gordon (Durham).   
77 C Nolan (Galway), C Hughes (Strathclyde), B Murphy (Heriot Watt).
78 T Butterworth (Warwick), M Hill (Loughborough), B Murray (Sydney).
79 C Anderson (Glasgow Caledonian), D Fell (Canada).



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