Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Johnny Miller usually does his TV 

broadcasts in bare feet

By Alex Myers

We're spending the week embedded with NBC/Golf Channel at the Players Championship. It's a rare commercial break and the lights inside the 18th-hole broadcast booth come on to give our photographer a chance to take a few photos. Johnny Miller is visibly startled. 
"Are we going on camera?" he says ashe sits up in his chair. "I have my tie loosened."

Miller quickly tightens it up, but is told he is not going on camera at this point. The exchange makes you realise how little Miller and play-by-play partner Dan Hicks are actually on screen throughout the broadcast despite their continuous dialogue throughout the coverage.

What's something else viewers at home don't realise?
"The first thing that pops into my head is Johnny more than half the time broadcasts in bare feet," Hicks says with a laugh after the two are off the air for the day.
Miller is quick to add a sombre reason for this. He has Compartment Syndrome in his legs, which he says is one of the reasons he stopped playing golf professionally. 
He has to ice each of his legs twice a day for half an hour, and it makes sitting for long periods of time very uncomfortable. Miller even shows off he's wearing really loose shoes with no socks to help combat the problem.



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