Tuesday, February 10, 2015

North-east Alliance tee times for Wednesday, Feb 11

(Deeside GC course is closed meantime)

8-15 C Cassie P. Morrison B. Harper G. Leslie
8-23 A Campbell, C Campbell, G Esson, A Smith
8-31 J Douglas, S McNeil, G McBain
8-47 H Roulston, M Rendall, L Roger, C Nelson

9-03 S Davidson R. Brown M. Brown A. Benton
9-11 S Allison G. Mackie
9-19 N Stewart J. Forrest D. Townsley N. Forster
9-27 M Winton S. Thompson D. Mcdougall G. Nethercott
9-35 L Duncan, K McGillivary, D Mackay, M Forster
9-43 John Duff, M Smith, S Dillon
9-51 T Robertson D. Wright B. Lumsden G. McDonald
9-59 A Gall L. Vannet I. Clark M. Murray

10-07 J. Hosie J Scott B Skene P. Walker
10-15 S. Shand K Stewart C. Angus
10-23 D. Fleming J. Emslie L. Fowler I. Taylor
10-31 S. Lawrie B. Fyfe D. Craigie C. Grant
10-39 Miss K Beveridge, Miss L Murray, K Beveridge, J Hopwood
10-47 G. Homer D. Leslie H. McNaughton W. Shaw
10-55 G. Thom D. Lane R. Duncan

11-03 J. Duncan G. Milne A. Graham D. Bisset
11-11 JBorthwick, N K Parker, D Nelson, J Murray

11-35 S. Finnie D. McKay C. Duffus C. Brechin
11-43 B. Murray S. Murray K. Nicol, Justin. Duff

11-59 J. Nicolson S. Mackie G. Allan K Duncan



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