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Cruden Bay amateur Kevin Duncan, with a three-under-par 66 at Murcar Links today (Wed), scored his third win of the North-east Golfers' Alliance 2014-15 season and his second over the last four competitions, writes Colin Farquharson.

The 26-year-old, pictured today, hopes he can maintain this level of form between now and the PGA EuroPro Tour Qualifying School stages at the end of March into April.
Duncan was among the last off the tee in a field of 80 and admitted that he had scored in the conditions compared with the early starters who had to contend with frost-gripped, bone-hard fairways and greens before the sun softened things up.
"I drove the ball well, which you have to do to score well at Murcar," said Duncan.
"And I holed a few more putts than the players who finished on 68 and 69."
He birdied the third, sixth, 15th, 17th and 18th in halves of 33 with a couple of bogeys, at the 13th and 16th.
Duncan won the £130 top scratch prize as an amateur voucher by two strokes from three players  on 68: Royal Aberdeen professional Joel Hopwood, and amateurs Tony Robertson (Peterculter) and John Duff (Newmachar). Hopwood collected £75 and the amateurs earned vouchers to that value.

The old bogey of "slow play" reared its ugly head again today with the players in the last quarter of the draw complaining that their rounds took more than 4hr despite the shortness of the winter course.
One Alliance member was so disgusted by being held up for almost every shot he said he would not be playing in the remaining fixtures.
"It was so slow out there, I could have come in and had my lunch in the clubhouse and still been able to keep my place in the field," he said.
An exaggeration, of course, but indicative of the angst felt by those stuck behind habitually slow players.
Gary Forbes, the Murcar Links professional, does not play in Alliance competitions these days because he could not afford to spend so many hours away from the pro's shop.
What's the answer? Joint secretaries Dave Wilson and Dave Mackay wish they knew.
Next Wednesday's competition is at Spey Bay

Par 69
66  K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 33-33
68  John Duff (Newmachar) 35-33, T Robertson (Peterculter) 35-33, J Hopwood (Royal Aberdeen)  35-33
69 P Morrison (Oldmeldrum) 34-35, L Vannet (Craibstone) 35-34, C Grant (Portlethen) 35-34, B Fyfe (Paul Lawrie GC) 38-31, Miss L Murray (Paul Lawrie GC) 34-35, K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge) 33-36
70 C Nelson (Mackenzie Shop) 38-32, C Angus (Kemnay) 38-32.
71 J Duncan (Oldmeldrum) 36-35,  S Finnie (Royal Aberdeen) 35-36, K Nicol (Paul Lawrie GC) 35-36, J Nicolson (Hazlehead) 37-34
72 I Taylor (Hazlehead) 38-34, D Leslie (Northern) 38-34, B Murray (Portlethen) 35-37,  G Allan (Newmachar) 39-33
73 G McBain (Paul Lawrie GC) 40-33,  M Forster (Cruden Bay) 37-36, D Fleming (Portlethen) 37-36
74 H Roulston (Stonehaven) 39-35, A Gall (Deeside) 38-36, Miss K Beveridge (Aboyne) 38-36, A Graham (Aboyne) 37-37
75 J Borthwick (Craibstone)  41-34, D McKay (Caledonian) 39-36
76 J Douglas (Portlethen) 36-39, G Nethercott (Deeside) 37-39, S Dillon (Kemnay) 35-41, J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen) 38-38.
77 B Harper (Newburgh) 39-38, N Forster (Peterculter) 40-37, M Winton (Caledonian) 40-37, D Mackay (Hazlehead) 39-38, J Hosie (Kemnay) 41-36, S Lawrie (Portlethen) 42-35, G Milne (Newburgh) 38-39.
78 M Smith (Newmachar) 41-37, L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen) 40-38, W Shaw (Banchory) 43-35.
79 L Roger (Royal Aberdeen) 39-40, S Davidson (Northern) 42-37, L Duncan (Craibstone) 41-38, B Lumsden (Northern) 42-37, C Duffus (Kemnay) 39-40
80 M Rendall (Stonehaven) 41-39, R Brown (Kemnay)38-42.
81 J Scott (Peterculter) 41-40, B Skene (Peterculter) 42-39, P Walker (Cruden Bay) 41-40, D Craigie (Peterculter) 42-39, H McNaughton (Cruden Bay) 40-41, D Nelson (Aboyne) 40-41, D Bisset (Banchory) 44-37
82 K McGillivary (Craibstone) 44-38.
83 A Benton (Kemnay) 45-38, D Wright (Northern) 42-41
84 N Stewart (Northern) 42-42, J Forrest (Northern) 42-42
85 G Leslie (Newburgh) 41-44, G Homer (Northern) 46-39, J Murray (Banchory) 45-40
87 N K Parker (Murcar Links) 47-40
88 G Thom (Kemnay) 47-41
89 M Rogers (Kemnay) 47-42
90 D Townsley (Peterculter) 44-46
92 S Melvin (Inverurie) 49-43
94 C Cassie (Nigg Bay) 48-46

Class 1 - P Morrison (5) 64; M Forster (8) 65; C Angus (3), H Roulston (7), D McKay (8) 67.
Class 2 - G Allan (12), S Dillon (16) 60; J Hosie (14) 63; M Smith (14) 64; M Winton (12) 68) 

Yellow tees: Par 69. OUT:  4-4-4 4-3-4 4-4-4: 35
                                     IN: 4-4-3 4-4-4 3-4-4: 34

OUT: 4-4-3 4-3-3 4-4-4: 33
    IN: 4-4-3 5-4-3 4-3-3: 33

OUT: 5-4-4 4-3-4 4-3-4: 35
    IN: 5-4-3 4-2-4 3-4-4: 33

OUT: 4-4-3 4-3-4 6-3-4: 35
    IN: 4-4-3 4-4-3 3-4-4: 33

OUT: 3-3-5 5-3-4 5-4-3: 35
   IN: 3-4-4 3-4-4 4-3-4: 33

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corrections to
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