Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hard to see the logic in Duddingston's 

no-support move for SGU/SLGA merger

I saw The Scotsman article you published about Duddingston withdrawing support for the SGU/SLGA amalgamation. 
They may be having a lady captain next year but I see they failed to mention the ladies' county associations who also have a vote. 
I don't understand why the larger men's areas, such as the Lothians, should feel hard done by here.

 Every club gets a vote - and therefore, by default the golfing area of Lothian would have a far bigger say than somewhere like Clackmannanshire where there are fewer clubs and therefore fewer members.
I don't hear them saying that Duddingston Golf Club should have fewer votes than a club that has double their membership! 

EDITOR: Anyone else like to comment on this topic? It seems strange to me that Duddingston ARE in favour of the SGU-SLGA merger but feel strongly enough on a completely different topic, i.e.
area votes, to withdraw their support.

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