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We are winding down  the debate on whether the Scottish Golf Union was right or not in its decision not to send a four-man team to defend the Nations Cup title at Sotogrande this past week. 
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Some facts: 
1. The date change for this year’s European Nations was very late.

2. Scotland’s best players were committed elsewhere.

3. Whilst Scott Borrowman is certainly of the right quality, I understand that he is committed to a career in the professional ranks for 2015 and even if he had been available, he was the only one of the top 16 Scots in the World Amateur Golf Rankings who was.

4. We as a nation have an incredible propensity towards seeing the negative in everything that we look at.

5. Richie Ramsay has been the last Scottish amateur who made it all the way to the main tour.

6 Some see this as a reason to criticise our governing body and therefore, our own country, our future development, our own folk.

7 We have some fantastic talent in this country, some of whom, teenagers, I believe are hugely exciting prospects.

8. Scotland golfers' record in amateur golf last year was phenomenal. You do the maths. Look at the events, the finishes, the wins, the diversity of winners and tell me any nation in the whole of Europe that beat us?

9 Messrs Neil (Bradley), Forrest, Savage, Borrowman, McDonald and Robertson brought home major international wins last year, with many other high finishes including play-offs.

Yet some has-beens and never-will-be-ever decide it’s open season to criticise our own country?

Graeme Leslie


Regardless of the date of The Nations Cup, the SGU would have known well in advance and should have been able to make arrangements to send a team to defend the title. 
At any level of golf or any other sport a title should be defended. Its been the case for several years now that something must be wrong in the selection process and a wider range of players should be considered. 
Why do we now find that Scotland is lacking on the professional tours in Europe? Is this down to the SGU selection process, maybe, maybe not? With golfing numbers in decline surely any kind of positive publicity for Scottish golfers at The Nations Cup should be encouraged.
I'm sure if a Scotland team had been selected from outwith the 'performance programme players' they would have been delighted and risen to the occasion of representing their country. 

There are several players who have had multiple wins at club level, county level, district level and national level - and they have never been considered for selection, which is very sad. 
These players are the ones who will be out practising in all weathers during the winter months in between working and studying and should be considered in future along with all the others who are treated to the winter training programs!
Glen McAlpine




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