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Duncan Stewart, looking forward to playing the full Challenge Tour schedule plus five to seven events on the European Tour in 2015, has decide to resurrect the very successful idea of selling shares in himself as a pro golfer, writes Colin Farquharson.
The Grantown-on-Spey man says:


 "After evaluating my 2014 season I 
would say it was a great experience 
where I learned a lot both on and off 
the course. On the course I realized 
that if I stick to my game plan and my 
strengths I can compete at the top 
"Off the course I realised that the share 
scheme that I had done in 2012-13 was 
far more than just  of financial benefit.
"The support I have been receiving 
from Scottish Team Hydro and the 
Scottish Golf/Sports Scotland funding 
has been invaluable and I would not be 
in the position I am without them. I am 
therefore hopeful that this support will 
continue in 2015. 
"However I also missed the interaction 
I previously had with the individual 
share holders. Every week there were emails and texts of 
encouragement which I believe helped my confidence. Golf is very 
much an individual sport but can be extremely difficult to succeed in 
without sponsors and support, both financial and motivational. 
"The share scheme gave me the feeling that I was not just playing 
for myself but I was out there playing for all the share holders too. 
As much as I wanted to succeed for myself I wanted succeed for 
them and repay everyone for believing in my ability. I think this gave 
me more self-belief  and confidence which are a key ingredient for 
succeeding in golf.
"As a result I have decided that I am going to reactivate the share 
scheme for this season. It is going to be exactly the same as in 2013 
where there will be 300 shares available at £100 each with 50% of 
my winnings going back to the shares fund. 
"When I sold shares in 2012-13 each share holder made 25% 
and 8% profit respectively. 
There are also various opportunities for companies to get their logo 
on a number of different locations on my clothing and equipment. 
"The amount of people who bought shares in 2012 and 2013 was 
incredible not only in my local community but further afield such as 
Qatar, USA, England, Ireland, and all over Scotland. I can not begin 
to stress how appreciative I was of all the  share holders support in 
2012-13 and believe that if people chose to back me again this year, 
I will achieve great things.  My aim is to have full playing rights on 
the European Tour by 2016."
+There is more information on Duncan Stewart's own website or you can contact him with an E-mail to



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