Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weird golf news of the week: You won't believe how many golf balls this guy stole from driving range in Missouri

By Alex Myers
Meet Nathan Brown. He's 27 years old, resides in Missouri, and apparently, loves stealing golf balls. Brown, who has been nicknamed the "golf ball bandit," recently confessed to stealing golf balls from a Maryland Heights, Missouri driving range on three separate occasions dating back to November 2013.
The total number of golf balls stolen? A whopping 42,000.

EDITOR: Did he break into the driving range at night and load up his car with balls? He couldn't have been pilfering on a small scale while using the facility, could he? It would take
years to take away 42,000 golf balls. Best not to investigate how he did it in case we give
others of a like mind ideas to follow suit.



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