Wednesday, November 05, 2014


FRASERBURGH, Wednesday, November 12

Players will play in fours wherever possible.
The tee times have been advanced and the last tee time will be
Hopefully, this will help to solve the problem of slow play by
competitors in the middle of the starting order making it impossible
for later-starting members to finish in good light.
Today, the first hour of four-balls got round in around four hours. 
By the end of the day, rounds were taking more than FIVE hours!
Most of the "No Returns" at Cruden Bay today were by competitors at the end of the field. They simply could not see where their golf balls landed because of near-darkness from 4.30pm.

07:50 Andrew Campbell, Gary Esson, Chris Campbell, Albert Smith
07:58 Craig Carnegie, Charlie Cassie, Robert Masson, Brian Harper

08:06 Tom Dingwall
08:14 Nick Macandrew, David Law, Chris Law, Keith Shanks
08:22 Robbie Stewart, Kevin Duncan, Murray Patterson. Ian Taylor
08:30 Tony Robertson, Dick Wright
08:38 Harry Roulston, Michael Rendall, Leslie Roger, Sam Kiloh
08:46 Raymond Brown, S Davidson, Alan Benton
08:54 Colin Nelson, Ryan MacRae, Mike Smith, Norman Stewart

09:02 Mike Winton, Derek McDougall, Stuart Thomson 
09:10 R McKinnon, John Duff, Brian Ritchie, Gary Craig
09:18 Paul Lawrie, Craig Lawrie, Greig Hutcheon, Michael MacDougall 
09:26 Lee Vannet, Alan Gall, Iain Clark, Derek Townsley
09:34 Billy Fyfe, Derek Craigie, Cameron Grant, Steve Lawrie
09:42 David Mackay, K McGillivray, W Beattie, Lenny Duncan
09:50 Bob Skene, Jim Scott, Martin Forster, Norman Forster
09:58 Ron Buchan, Ben Lumsden, Gibbie McDonald, Stephen Dillon

10:06 David Fleming, Les Fowler, Jim Emslie, Mike Duncan
10:14 Steve Shand, Craig Angus, Gavin Angus, Billy Main
10:22 Gary Homer, David Leslie, Willie Shaw, Hamish McNaughton
10:30 Phil McLean, Kris Nicol, Sammy Leslie, Mike Rogers
10:38 Keil Beveridge, Kimberley Beveridge, Joel Hopwood, Laura Murray
10:46 David Bisset, Fergus Bisset, Jim Murray, Alistair Graham
10:54 John Jessiman, Ian Grant, Jim Duncan, Gordon Milne

11:02 Willie Skene, Alistair Clark, David Lane
11:10 Graham Allan, Scott Mackie, John Nicolson, Brian Nicolson
11:18 David McKay, Stewart Finnie, Mike Booth, John Borthwick
11:26 Richie Davidson, Stewart Allison, Graham Mackie. Josh Turner



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