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                  Greig Hutcheon ... off to PGA play-offs in Turkey from Noveber 23-25.
                                         Picture by Cal Carson Golf Agency

Banchory's Greig Hutcheon limbered up for the PGA play-offs in Turkey later this month with a sparkling five-under-par 65 to win the £140 first pro prize in today's North-east Alliance fixture at Buckpool Golf Club.
Hutcheon highlighted halves of 31 (four under par) and 34 (one under) with an eagle 3 at the third and birdies at the first, ninth, 16th and 18th.
Only blemish on his card was a bogey 5 at the 14th.
He headed a field of 92 by one shot from David Law (Paul Lawrie Golf Centre) and last week's amateur winner at Craibstone, Adam Dunton (McDonald Ellon).
Law had six birdies in halves of 34-32, including the last three holes. Dunton was out in 32 but home in 34.

Buckpool Golf Club
Par 70 (35-35)
65 G Hutcheon (Banchory) 31-34
66 D Law (Paul Lawrie GC) 34-32, A Dunton (McDonald Ellon) 32-34
67 K Nicol (Paul Lawrie GC) 35-32.
68 K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 35-33, A Campbell (Murcar Links).
70 J Findlay (Paul Lawrie GC), C Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC), John
Duff (Newmachar)
71 Laura Murray (Paul Lawrie GC), G Watson (Meldrum House)
72 S Kiloh (Portlethen), Justin Duff (Fraserburgh).
73 C Dempster (Paul Lawrie GC)
74 J Pryde (Deeside), G Paterson (Northern), Sean Lawrie (Portlethen), S Finnie (Caledonian).
75 P McLean (Paul Lawrie GC), B Ritchie (Newmachar), C Law (Kings Links).
76 K Shanks (Newmachar), P Morrison (Oldmeldrum), G Joss (Royal Aberdeen), D Fleming (Portlethen).
78 A K Pirie (Hazlehead), D Brown (Kemnay), J Duncan (Newburgh), K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge).
79 R O'Donnell (Oldmeldrum), A Gall (Deeside), D Leslie (Northern), B Fyfe (Paul Lawrie GC), C Grant (Portlethen), A Smith (Inverurie)
80 R Lamb (Newmachar), N Young (Insch), W Shaw (Banchory), C Cassie (Nigg Bay), J W Johnston (Royal Aberdeen).
81 J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen), J Borthwick (Craibstone).
82 A Petrie (Oldmeldrum), J Scott (Peterculter), M Duncan (Murcar Links), S Mackie (Auchmill), A Graham (Aboyne)
83 B Nicolson (Auchmill), M Lawrie (Kemnay)
84 W Skene (Deeside), L Roger (Royal Aberdeen), D Nelson (Aboyne), P Cheyne (Northern).
85 I Clark (Deeside), R Brown (Newburgh), M Forster (Cruden Bay), B Laing
86 G Homer (Northern), M Winton (Caledonian), P Cornfield (Auchmill), J Murray (Banchory), G Milne (Newburgh), D McKay (Caledonian)
87 L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen), J Jessiman (Oldmeldrum)
88 G Dillon (Kemnay)
89 M Brown (Newburgh), N Chisholm (Kemnay)
90 M Booth (Kemnay).
91 S Thomson (Caledonian), P Craig (Kintore), D Wright (Northern)
92 G Allan (Auchmill), M Harling (Banchory)
93 Steve Lawrie (Portlethen), T Collie (Kemnay), H McNaughton (Cruden Bay)
95 B Lumsden (Northern)
98 M Smith (Inverurie), D Lawrie (Aboyne)
99 S Davidson (Northern), P Leach (Oldmeldrum)

+If your home club is not listed correctly after your name - or not listed at all - please E-mail the correction to

Class 1 - A Campbell (1) 67; P Morrison (6) 70; W Shaw (9) (bih), D Fleming (5) 71; G Paterson (2) 72.
Class 2 - M Brown (18) (bih), P Cornfield (15) 71; J Scott (10) (bih), R Brown (13) 72; M Winton (13) 73.

OUT: 3-4-3-4-4-3-4-3-3=31. IN: 4-4-4-3-5-3-4-4-3= 34

One of our players' caddie cars broke down at Buckpool. He left it at back of fourth green. On returning to the spot at end of play. the woner of the caddie car, Alan Gall, found the lithium battery was missing. 
I sincerely hope that one of our members removed said battery and will hand it to me at Montrose next week.


08.15 |A Campbell, C Cassie, A Smith, R Fitzpatrick.
08.23 G Watson, K Duncan, B Ritchie, J Nicolson.
8.31 G Munro, D Macandrew, G Sutherland, J Duff.
8.39 M Brown, S Davidson, R Brown, D Lawrie.
8.47 R Masson, G Dillon, S Dillon
8.55 C Dempster, S Kiloh, K Zeynalov, R Mitchell.
9.03 J Scott, G Paterson, A Gall, I Clark
9.11 C Adam, J Hopwood, K Beveridge
9.19 H Roulston, M Rendall, L Roger, J Hamilton
9.27 C Nelson, J Dalgarno, P Anderson, P Leach
9.35 C Lamb, R Lamb, John Duff, M Merchant
9.43 B Lumsden, P Cheyne, D Wright, G Clayton
9.51 L Vannet, J Pryde, G Joss, N Young
9.59 J Emslie, D Fleming, M Duncan, N Chisholm

10.07 S Thomson, M Winton, D McDougall, M Forster.
10.15 M Smith, R McRae, G Milne, J Duncan10.23 J Jessiman, A Petrie, I Grant.
10.31 D  Leslie, G Homer, W Shaw, H McNaughton.
10.39 J Findlay, C Lawrie, K Nicol, P McLean.
10.47 J W Johnston, L Fowler, A K Pirie, M Harling.
10.55 R Orr, P Craig, B Lawrie
11.03 D Brown, G McBain, T Collie
11.11 D Bisset, F Bisset, J Murray, D Randall
11.19 G McDonald, C Duncan, D Nelson, A Graham
11.27 Sean Lawrie, Steve Lawrie, B Fyfe, C Grant.
11.35 WSkene, D Lane, C Law, K Shanks.
11.43 P Cornfield, G Allan, S Mackie.11.51
11.59 S Finnie, M Booth, D McKay.

12.07 D Wilson, J Borthwick.

+Remember there is less daylight every Wednesday ... so 
get a move on at Montrose so that the last players out do
not find themselves playing Blind Man's Buff over the
last few holes.



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