Bryan Fotheringham (Inverness) won Saturday's North Scottish Golfers' Alliance fixture at Garmouth and Kingston with a five-under-par  62 to win by a stroke from Gavin Hay (Nairn Dunbar) and Kevin Thomson (Moray). Five birdies were achieved on the 1st, 3rd, 11th, 12th and 15th.
Handicap Section One was won by L Stewart (Grantown) who produced a "Duncan-like" (Son) finish of 2,3,3,3. (3 under) to prevail by one. Section two winner Iain Laing (Grantown) had sixes at the 1st and 16th (par 4's) in return ing a 72 less 9 and Jim Macdonald (Inverness) included a 10 at the 3rd (Par 4) in his 79 less 14.
62 B R Fotheringham (Inverness)
63 G A Hay (Nairn Dunbar), K Thomson (Moray)
67 G H Hay (Grantown)
68 J A Grant (Grantown)
69 A J Duncan (Elgin), L Stewart (Grantown)
70 W Donnelly (Fortrose and Rosemarkie), J R Ingram (Boat of Garten), S Wilson (Inverness), A J England (Moray)
71 W Hutchison (Inverness), M McDonald (Boat of Garten), A Macintosh (Torvean), L Crawford (Moray)
72 A W Mair (Moray), B Cruickshank (Spey Bay), J S D Campbell (Grantown), J A G Innes (Elgin), A Imrie (Muir of Ord), I Laing (Grantown)
73 S Mullen (Elgin)
74 W Weatherall (Muir of Ord), P Matheson (Grantown), J L Milne (Elgin), R Laing (Grantown);
75 J K England (Moray), D F Sharp (Boat of Garten), F Hutchison (Boat of Garten), A Waterson (Boat of Garten), L Duncan (Moray), G Donaldson (Elgin)
76 T Madden (Elgin), A Hutchison (Inverness), R H Stewart (Torvean), V Tilman (Muir of Ord);
77 I Hamilton (Elgin), W J Donnelly (Fortrose  Rosemarkie)
78 P Masson (Rothes), G Lees (Elgin), A Cowie (Moray)
79 B Murray (Boat of Garten), A Jackson (Rothes), J Macdonald (Inverness), B Rennie (Inverness);
Handicap Section One (7 and under)
63 L Stewart (Grantown) (6)
64 A Macintosh (Torvean) (7)
65 J R Ingram (Boat of Garten) (5), M Mcdonald (Boat of Garten) (6), L Crawford (Moray) (6), A Imrie (Muir of Ord) (7)
Handicap Section Two (8 to 14)
63 I Laing (Grantown) (9)
65 J Macdonald (Inverness) (14), T Madden (Elgin) (11)
66 D Spence (Fortrose and Rosemarkie) (14), R Laing (Grantown) (8)