Thursday, August 22, 2013



Players should register in the Peterculter GC Clubhouse (from 10.30 am) before going to stated tee at 11.40 am.  Shotgun begins at Noon.

GIRLS - RED TEES                  BOYS - WHITE TEES

     1     Daniel Astridge                                     Turriff Academy
            Nicole Yeats                                         Torry Academy
            Jack Reid                                             Speyside High School
     2     Jamie Beedie                                        Montrose Academy
            Shannon McWilliam                              Aboyne Academy
            Finlay McPherson                                 Robert Gordon’s College
     3     Jasmine Mackintosh                             Hazlehead Academy
Grant Pirie                                            Ellon Academy
            James Flett                                         The Gordon Schools
     4     Stephen Roger                                      Ellon Academy
            Gavin Elrick                                          Alford Academy                                   
            Liam Stephen                                        Peterhead Academy

      5    Jake Stewart                                        Meldrum Academy
            Kiran Nolan                                           Alford Academy
            Dylan Smith                                          Robert Gordon’s College
     5M Ryan McKinnon                                    Cults Academy
            Josh Bruce                                           Peterhead Academy                             
            Calum Morrison                                                Inverurie Academy

     6     Tyler Ogston                                        Torry Academy
            Clark Henderson                                   Westhill Academy
            Jack Brown                                          Turriff Academy

     7     Matthew Royce                                     Meldrum Academy
Mayon Patel                                         Albyn School
            Ferghus Milne                                       Banchory Academy

    7M   Michael Lawrie                                      Robert Gordon’s College
            Adam Fisher                                         Cults Academy
            Ray Gordon                                          Alford Academy
     8     Anthony Harkin                                     Aberdeen Grammar School                  
            Findlay Harcus                                     Montrose Academy
            Craig Leith                                            Hazlehead Academy

     9     Kyle Duthie                                           Dyce Academy
            Jed Mutch                                            Mintlaw Academy
            James Flaherty                                     Banchory Academy

    10    Cameron McArthur                                Inverurie Academy                               
            Ellis Roberts                                         Peterhead Academy
            Aidan Forbes                                        The Gordons Schools                          

    11    Liam Allan                                            Mintlaw Academy
            Fintan McKenna                                    Albyn School
            Findlay Soutar                                      Montrose Academy      

    12    Jonathan Bell                                        Aberdeen Grammar School
Kieran Moran                                        Ellon Academy
Sam Yule                                              Aboyne Academy

    13    Liam Milne                                            Banchory Academy
Ross Brady                                          Torry Academy
            Tom Andrew                                         Aboyne Academy

    14    Glen Morrison                                       Harlaw Academy
            Alistair Kinghorn                                   Albyn School
            Dylan Singer                                         Westhill Academy

    15    Fraser Middleton                                   Westhill Academy
            Lachlan Robertson                                Speyside High School
            Calum Parley                                        Dyce Academy

    16    Connor Brown                                       Hazlehead Academy
            Jack Ironside                                        Turriff Academy
            Ben Green                                            Inverurie Academy

    17    Ross McKendrick                                 Aberdeen Grammar School
            Ewan Malcolm                                      Speyside High School
            Findlay Donald                                      Dyce Academy
    17M  Ben Henderson                                     Cults Academy
            Greg Morrison                                      Harlaw Academy
            Cameron Fraser                                    Meldrum Academy
    18    Bruce Thain                                         Mintlaw Academy                                 
            Ruaridh Macvinish                                Harlaw Academy
            Adam McGowan                                   The Gordons Schools

M = Middle of Fairway (Tee-off before hooter at noon to be in position)


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