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                      W county        Wigtownshire County
                      N S                  NEWTON STEWART
                      PORT              PORTPATRICK DUNSKEY
                      STR                 STRANRAER
                      S NESS            SOUTHERNESS
                      DandG              DUMFRIES and GALLOWAY
                      DandC               DUMFRIES and COUNTY
                     LOCH              LOCHMABEN
                     POW                POWFOOT
                     THORN           THORNHILL
                      DBT               DALBEATTIE
                      KBT                KIRKCUDBRIGHT
                      PINES             PINES
                      WandB               WIGTOWN and BLADNOCH

08.00 and 12.30       W. Milby (w county)  C .Bennawith (N S)

08.08 and 12.38       C . Milby  ( w county)  S. Whannel    ( N S)

08.15 and  12.46

08.23 and 12.54

08.30 and 13.02     M   Robb (STR)   Rory Brunton  (Port)

08.38 and 13.10      R   Hughan (N S)   J McWilliam  (Port)

08.45 and 13.18      L   McColm   (Str)   F   Hughes  (N S)

08.53 and 13.26       Rory   Thompson (D and G)   S Fisher (Port)

09.00 and 13.34       R Murray (S Ness)  R Harries (W and B)  M McCullough (Port)

09.08 and 13.42        M Robinson  (W&B)   J McGhie  (Str)   S  McPhail (East Renfrewshire)

09.15 and 13.50        G  Cannon (W&B)    Gary  King (kbt)

09.23 and13.58        S  Gourlay  (Kbt)   I  Johnston (Glenluce)  B Smith (Dbt)

09.30 and 14.06      

09.38 and 14.14        C  Smith  (Dbt)  N Hamilton  (Pow)

09.45 and 14.22        M McNae   (Loch)  D McNeil  (Pow)  D  Samson (Loch)

0953 and 14.30          D Armstrong (Loch)   M Grunwell (Pow)   I Thomson (Pow)

10.00 and 1438          S Henderson (Loch)  I Inman (Pines)  L Carruthers (Pow)

10.08 and 14.54         C   Riddick  (S ness) JRG Lennox  (Loch)  C  Hill  (Pines)

10.15 and 14.54           B Scott (Loch)  R McBeth  (Pines)  B Burgess (D and G)

10.23 and 1502           P Watret (Pines)  C Shearman  (Loch)  A Scott (Thorn)

 10.30 and 15.10         I Reid  (D&G)   S Renwick  (Thorn)   J Mc Innaly  (Sness)

 10.38 and 15.18          G Hodgson (Sness)  A Makie  (Pow)   J Brown  (D and C)

10.46 and 15.26           D  Brodie  (Port) 

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