Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dornoch exile Jimmy Gunn did not have such a good season as in recent years on the All-American Professional Golf Tour which has ended its winter campaign with the Tour Match-play Championship at Alta Mesa Country Club, Mesa in Arizona.
The title and first prize of $30,000 was won by Jesse Mueller who beat Jonathan Krick ($10,000) by one hole in the final.
Beaten semi-finalists were Nathan Tyler and Brian Vranesh, both of whom earned $5,000.
Gunn was beaten in an earlier round.
For the winter season, Gunn earned $11,755 from eight appearances.
Top of the money table was Nathan Tyler with $57,573 from 13 events.
Incidentally, what is is about match-play that seems to confuse Americans in general.
Another example was the All-American Professional Golf Tour's display of results in their match-play tournament - they didn't!
Go through its website from top to bottom and you won't find the information that Mueller beat Krick by one hole in the final.
I had to E-mail one of the Tour's officials to get that information.
You won't even find the earlier match-play results.
Had it been a stroke-play event, no problem, the scores would have been there.
I have seen on other US golf websites, some match-play results listed as "one up after 19 holes" or something like that which demonstrated that the updater really didn't understand match-play which is, after all, the oldest form of golf.  



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