FLASHBACK TO THE FIFTIES. Chelsea manager Ted Drake (1952-58) has a swing for the camera at Murcar Golf Club. Left to right: Jimmy Herd, Bob Wallace and an unidentified person, who, with collar and tie on, might well have been with the Chelsea party, presumably up in Aberdeen from London for a friendly match.
 Editor's note: Only thing that bothers me is that I don't recognise the background as being at Murcar. Can any Murcar old-timers shed any light on what's in the background?
E-mail from Hyldie Grinsted

Where can I purchase  the book of Murcar Links Golf Club: The First Hundred Years, please?
My Dad was James (Jimmy) Herd, an honorary member at some point I am told. He died in 1956, aged 43, leaving my Mum (deceased 2006, aged 94) Nellie Herd with six daughters of which I was the youngest. I was eight years old at the time.
Dad was apparently always playing in golf competitions, and by all accounts he was very good. I have attached a photo of Dad (second from the left) and his dear friend Bob Wallace (third from the left).
They are playing with Chelsea Football Club's Team Manager of the day, Ted Drake (1952-58).
Dad was also in a concert party. He played the fiddle and was also a singer. I am fortunate enough to have two old 78 records he made back then at some point.
I feel a very special closeness to my Dad often, probably even more so because I have sung all my life with various bands at countless venues for close on 50 years.
It would be wonderful to have a book about the place where Dad spent a large part of his life.

Hyldie Grinsted
Westhill, Aberdeenshire
EDITOR: Thanks for the memories and the picture, Hyldie. Chelsea must have been at Pittodrie playing a friendly against the Dons. But I can't help with an exact date for such a match - yet! Have put Hyldie in touch with Carol O'Neil, the Murcar Links GC secretary, with regard to the club's Centenary Book.