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Stephen Gallacher, one of Scotland's leading professionals, has announced the launch of The Stephen Gallacher Foundation.
Two years in the planning, the Foundation aims to give children of all ages, backgrounds and ability the opportunity to pick up a golf club for the first time, through to assisting the very best to achieve all they can in the sport.
It also aims to help develop life skills along the way by teaching children the disciplines, control and honesty required, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst still enjoying the game.
Initially in the Lothians and Borders regions, with a view to rolling out to more of Central Scotland in the future, there will be Under-10, Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 categories where everyone will be assessed along the way to ensure they are competing and taking part in line with their ability and potential.
The Under-10s and Under-12s will play predominantly in ‘Flag Days’, the Under-15s and Under-18s in stroke play.
Open to both boys and girls, a structured calendar of events is already taking shape and there will be a Finals day, to be known as the ‘Race to Dunbar’, taking place at Dunbar Golf Club on Sunday, September 30, 2012.
At the Foundation launch, Gallacher said: “I know a lot of people have taken an interest in the anticipation of me launching The Stephen Gallacher Foundation, and we are now able to get cracking in 2012.
“I’ve assembled what I believe to be a fantastic team around me, and we’re all committed to making the Foundation a roaring success. Scott Knowles, whom I have known and played with for many years, is responsible for leading the Foundation on a day-to-day basis and I know, like me, he can’t wait to get started.
“I have spoken to Paul Lawrie frequently over the last two years and taken a lot of advice on board, given the success of the work he does in the North- east.
“His help in getting things started in the correct manner has been invaluable. If, like me, you have kids of your own, you will know only too well that giving them options, whatever the sport or form of exercise, can only help prepare them for a healthy and disciplined lifestyle growing up.
“If we play our part in helping this, in any minute way, we will have deemed the Foundation successful.’
“The mission of the Foundation is to get as many young people playing golf as possible. It would be great to see someone who started out, or developed their golf with the Foundation, winning on tour, or ultimately, winning a Major championship. The most important thing, though, is for kids from all backgrounds to have the chance to at least try the sport. Hopefully they will go on to fall in love with golf and enjoy it as much as I have been able to.”
Paying tribute to the already impressive list of companies, private individuals and organisations that have given their support to the Foundation, Gallacher said: “I am delighted to already have the support and financial assistance of many corporate and private individuals, as well as the support and endorsement of The European Tour, The R and A and The Scottish Golf Union. I will be getting personally involved as much as my tournament schedule allows and plan to attend as many of the days that the calendar of events offers, as well as a number of fundraising and golf days we have planned.”
Former Open Champion Lawrie, who has the highly successful Paul Lawrie Foundation, was quick to lend his support.
He said: “Being away on Tour week in week out, Stevie and I have talked at length many times about the prospect of him launching his own Foundation. To see it now come to fruition is a massive credit to him and the people involved, and I am sure he will get as much satisfaction out of it as I have done with my Foundation over the years.
“I’m absolutely delighted that another home-grown player has decided to get involved in this way as I’m certain it will go a long way to help developing the whole game in Scotland’
George O’Grady, Chief Executive of The European Tour, also backed the new initiative.
He said: “We fully endorse and support Stephen in the launch of his foundation, and we wish him every success in developing a new generation of Scottish talent.
“Paul Lawrie has demonstrated what can be achieved in setting up a similar foundation, and we always encourage our players to give something back to the game at grass roots level. Stephen has been a magnificent ambassador for The European Tour over the years, and his knowledge and experience can only benefit children of all ages and backgrounds looking to follow in his footsteps.”
Scotland’s First Minister, The Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP added: “I am delighted to support any initiative that encourages the next generation of golfers in Scotland, and I therefore applaud Stephen Gallacher and the establishment of The Stephen Gallacher Foundation.
“Stephen is currently one of Scotland's top professional golfers and his efforts to put back into the game will provide opportunities for young golfers to gain the benefit of his experience as well as getting instruction from the Foundation's team of coaches.
“Foundations such as this, and the Paul Lawrie Foundation in the North-east of Scotland, are a welcome addition to Scottish golf. They will sit alongside the efforts of the Scottish Government's Clubgolf programme, giving our youngsters the opportunity to learn and enjoy playing the great game of golf."
Gallacher added: “The Stephen Gallacher Foundation represents a new and additional chapter to my career, and I am very excited to get everything under way and hope all those that take part get as much out of it as possible.”

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