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In this latest edition of School’s Out, talks to James Byrne of Banchory, Scotland on his Singaporean heritage, his biggest amateur highlight and his impressions on the Asian Tour.

When and why did you learn to play golf?
I probably started playing golf at the age of three at the garden of my house. My parents played golf and they brought me into this sport when I was about 14.

Was there someone who has supported you from the beginning and how?
My parents. They travel with me and watch me play in tournaments.

Did you ever consider a different career besides professional golf?
I used to swim competitively on a national level for about 10 years when I was five until I was about 15 years old. You have to train a lot for swimming. I prefer golf actually.

Tell us about your biggest career highlight to date?
Having played in the Walker Cup last year was probably my biggest career highlight to date and winning the 2007 Scottish Boys’ Strokeplay Championship as well.

What were your impressions on the Asian Tour before coming to Q-school?
I didn't know much about the Asian Tour since it isn’t televised much in Europe but I do know of the good Asian players who are playing in Europe. I know the standard of the players are good here.

Is it true that you are half Singaporean?
My mum comes from Singapore but I haven’t really spent much time in Asia. It is definitely different for me. It’s not something I’m used to playing in a heat like this. The food is a lot different too. I don’t do any changes in my game but a couple of lifestyle changes.
You drink a lot more water, eat well and make sure your diet is good to cope with the heat because you are sweating so much during your round. Apart from that I’m just trying to cope with the heat and not get to flustered.

What’s the one thing you want to do but have yet to do it?
To win a tournament. Well, I know it’s still early but I really hope to win a tournament since I’ve been a professional golfer for about five months now.

Any special routine before a round?
Nothing particular, just an hour warm up.

Any superstitions or lucky charms?
Not really but I have been using the same ball marker for about five years.

Best advice received?
Probably what my coach said to me before, "To commit to every shot."

Your dream four-ball?
Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and a football player, Thierry Henry.

What’s your philosophy in golf?
Always try my best and be aggressive.

About James Byrne
Country: Scotland
Date of Birth: January 2, 1989
Residence: Singapore
Family: Single
Turned pro: 2011

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Byrne enjoyed a solid amateur career where he was part of the successful GB and I team at the 2011 Walker Cup. Beaten finalist in 2010 British amateur championship. Winner of 2007 Scottish boys' open stroke-play championship. Spent four years at Arizona State University.



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