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FROM NORM DEY, An Aberdonian now living in Australia.
Pictured above is the major hazard on all golf courses in OZ. The kangaroos - not my daughter, Heather Nimmo!
She works part-time on a very good course five minutes from her house and 20 minutes from the centre of Perth (Western Australia) where I live.
It's the Joondalup Golf Resort which includes a hotel. It was my first golf club when I came to Perth.
It's an unusual but upmarket resort course with three nine-hole circuits and lots of Kangaroos. One nine is closed for play every day for maintenance. The nines are called Quarry - it is literally built out of a quarry, The Dunes - 1 km from beach, and Lake - all with challenging and tight holes.
It's a Trent Jones course without being as overboard as he usually is.

Editor's note: Norm (or Norman as I knew him) grew up in Auchinyell Terrace and I grew up in Auchinyell Gardens, Garthdee in Aberdeen. He is a year older than me. We both went to the senior secondary Central School in the heart of Aberdeen, opposite the gates of Robert Gordon's College. The school now no longer exists.
Goodness knows why the town councillors wanted to do away with a seat of learning which was at least on a par with Gordon's College and Aberdeen Grammar School, the two other leading senior secondary schools in the city. The old Central School building is now a shopping plaza. Sic transit gloria, as we used to say in Cecil Stewart's Latin class.
Norman went first to Canada and then on to Australia. He used to support Rangers FC but it's Manchester United now. He was and still is a very good tennis player. Plays a lot in veterans' championships and is coming back to Europe later this year to play in the world veterans' table tennis championships in Sweden.
It took the Internet to bring Norman and I together again (in an E-mail exchanging sense). We last saw each other in the early 1950s. Oh the powers of Google!
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