Friday, November 11, 2011

Proposed amalgamation of Aberdeen Links clubs: Caley side of the story

E-mail from Dean Gardiner
Member of Caledonian Golf Club.

Reference Scottishgolfview article about Caledonian GC members voting against a proposed amalgamation with the other Aberdeen Links golf clubs, Northern and Bon Accord.
I think you are only hearing one part of the story and I think it is sour grapes on the steering committee side. I am a member of Caley and I was at the meeting on Tuesday. There was no Facebook campaign. Most of the guys that voted "No" are older guys that would like a chance to save our club.
There is a lot of history behind Caledonian GC and guys would like a chance to save it. That's all it is:  trying to save our club.
Some people are just taken it a bit personal. The vote has been done, so let's move on. Our captain is leaving his position this year and he has joined a new club, leaving the steering committee so I can't see the point he has about the way the vote went. He is leaving anyway.
If the steering committee had listened months ago they would have know that the Caley members would say "No" to amalgamation.
We have got plans to save the golf club but the steering committee don't know them as we have not told them. First thing after the AGM on December 2, we will form an new council. We have to sit down with some business men in the club and talk through our plans.
With a lot of hard work I think we could do a good job in saving the Caley. Dean Gardiner



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