Tuesday, May 10, 2011


By COLIN FARQUHARSON (Colin@scottishgolfview.com)

Ever wondered if top golfers read instructional books by other golf golfers? Well, they must because here's a quote from Sam Torrance about the new Tom Watson (with Nick Seitz) book: "I've been playing this game for over 40 years and I've just learned something in the last minute that makes total sense - to play successfully from a bunker, as Tom says (on page 143) you need to place much more weight on your left/front foot. Of couse, you do as this will make the angle the club arrives at the ball better for a clean contact. Genius!"
In "The Timeless Swing," says the Press Release from publishers Simon and Schuster, Watson offers a lifetime's worth of wisdom and insight into the game of golf, showing players of any age how they can play to the best of their abilities and enjoy the game more.
In a series of easy-to-follow illustrated lessons, he explains the fundamentals of a good swing, starting with the proper grip and set-up. He breaks down the full swing into all its parts, and gives advanced shot-making techniques such as the full sand shots and swinging into the wind.
Watson complements the lessons with drills for achieving a consistent swing and offers tips and exercises to help golfers continue to swing well when they get older.
For the first time Watson reveals the two key concepts he considers the most important of all - concepts that can enable players of all levels to attain a timeless swing.
"The Timeless Swing," by Tom Watson with Nick Seitz (foreword by Jack Nicklaus) will be published on May 26 (£20 hardback).



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