Wednesday, July 07, 2010

E-mail from David Morrans

Scroll down a bit to read Martin Dempster's article that the Open's £60 a day admission charge (not including car parking) for adult spectators represents good value - and the response from readers.

This is a subject I am passionate about. I know it’s a great day out, but this year
they (the R and A) have gone too far, especially when we all face or are already dealing with
austerity (unless you are a banker of course).
Whilst I could afford it, I am visiting in-laws in Ireland later in July and bought a five-day season
ticket for the whole family (two adults, two kids) for £60 for the IRISH Open, which puts things in perspective.
I hope crowds are down at St Andrews, and the R and A get the message.

David Morrans

E-mail from Brian Ewen

The one thing that has shocked me about the price of attending this years Open Championship, is the entrance fee for practice days .
Does £15 on the Sunday to £40 for Wednesday really reflect good value ?
The R and A tell us that Wednesday's four-hole challenge by past champions is a celebration of golf, yet with an increase of £15 from past Open Wednesdays , it now looks more like an excuse to gouge more money out of the golf fans.
And don't forget, these inflated prices don't guarantee you a look at the Number One Golfer in the World, as he gets the privilege of teeing off when the course is still closed, so as not to get bothered by the paying golf fan.
Personally, I think paying £60 for a competition day is expensive, but at least you can plan your day, and you have an idea of who you can see .
Not so on practice days !

Brian Ewen



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