Monday, July 05, 2010

Do you know a boy or girl who is going to join a US college soon?

Later this week we will be doing a feature story on a teenage Scottish girl golfer who is enrolling at an American university on a golf scholarship next month.
There are bound to be other Scottish (or English/Welsh/Irish for that matter) boys or girls who are also bound for the United States .... trouble is we don't know their names. It is sometimes months before we discover who they are and where they are through our weekly trawls of GolfStat and the American colleges' golf websites.
If you are heading for the States on a golf scholarship or know of someone who is, please E-mail the information to and we'll also feature you/them on, our website for student golf.

Reply from Gavin Dear

I see you're looking for guys and girls who are going to the States. Paul McPhee is starting at Lynn University, Florida in August. I played with him in a county pro-am when he was 16 and he said then he would be interested in university in the states. It was also pretty obvious he had talent.
You may see that Danny Young has also completed his first year there. It's good to continue the Scottish connection at Lynn, with myself and Keir and Katy McNicoll having attended. The coach is very interested in having Scottish players out there, and I'm sure Paul will follow in Dannyƛ footsteps and have some instant success out there.
Gavin Dear



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