Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scottish golf clubs don't want Kenny's help

E-mail from Downfield GC professional Kenny Hutton
Some time ago I set up a small concern with the idea that I could help golf clubs in Scotland try to fulfil their potential and "stop the slide." I sent out a high quality brochure to the secretaries and club captains of 75 golf clubs, hoping to get some feedback. None came. I got not one reply. Maybe it's because they all buried their heads in the sand or maybe they thought they could solve their own problems in-house.
It seems not to have happened and I am saddened when I hear rumours of the demise of small clubs and the tales of no waiting lists at some of the country's leading golfing venues.
My company can be viewed at (it's just a basic website at present) if you want to take a look.
A few English clubs have been in touch but I do not have the time to travel south as I have club commitments as well. I would love to try to help some Scottish clubs but do they want help?

Kenny Hutton

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