Monday, December 28, 2009

Tiger Woods: Where does he go from here? has deliberately left the murkier side of the Tiger Woods' story to the tabloids, but it does overlap into golf and there's a very good article, summing up the situation, by Steve Elling, CBS's senior writer, available by clicking on:

E-mail from Stewart Savage:

Hi Colin,
I read this article and saw what I have been reading over the last month, reporters demanding answers about the private life of Tiger Woods and verging on saying he shouldn't be allowed the human luxury of mucking up and should almost be robotically perfect, and what HE MUST do to rectify this mess . There has been an incredible amount of judging, finger pointing and gloating. Who is sicker, the Press or Tiger?
Tiger is a human being with human frailties like everyone else on the planet. He has got himself into a situation as a result of these human conditions. Who are we to demand he shouldn't be like this, i.e. Very Human?
I hear people wanting answers about girls, pills, etc. This is none of our business unless Tiger Woods decides to share it with us.
Much is made of Tiger's wealth and that because of this he should behave in a saintly manner. Back to the robot again. A human being's behaviour is a result of their emotional condition. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY or material possession can ever change this and the two should be separated.
The guy mucked up. Wow, who hasn't? Most of us at some point have or are not willing to admit it. Tiger has stuff to deal with that only he can. He has a new world to build and as a Tiger fan I hope he uses this experience as a springboard to grow as a person and to adjust the character defects he has to enable him to get his life back on track.
I realise this article may push a few buttons but hey-ho I'm human too.

Stewart Savage
Stewart Savage



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